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By: Kagros - 25 Nov 2020

Wizards has announced 5 Secret Lairs that are dropping starting the last week of November and going through the first two weeks of December.

Beginning November 30 at 9 a.m. PT, we'll be releasing five Secret Lair drops and three bundle options for preorder on secretlair.wizards.com. These are still preorders, meaning everything will ship at a later date once product is available. However, unlike the 24-hour availability of individual drops inside previous superdrops, everything within the Secretversary Superdrop will be available to preorder for two full weeks. That's right! Mix and match your favorites or go all-in with the bundles (or all-in all-in with the Bundle Bundle—more on that below)! But act fast! The Secretversary Superdrop will disappear into the Aether come 9 a.m. PT on December 14.

All nonfoil editions will cost $30 and all foil editions will cost $40.

Here are some quick facts:

  • A Box of Rocks - A collection of mana rocks, which are artifacts that generate the player mana used to cast spells. Comes with an MTGO code for one of each card.
  • Artist Series: Seb McKinnon - Seb McKinnon, one of the most popular MTG artists, illustrates every card in this bundle. Comes with an Enchanted Evening MTGA sleeve and an MTGO code for one of each card.
  • Happy Lil Gathering - These are basic lands featuring artwork from world-famous artist, Bob Ross. Comes with 5 MTGA sleeves and an MTGO code for one of each card.
  • Party Hard, Shred Harder -  Metal sounding cards with metal inspired artwork. Nonfoil only. Comes with an MTGO code for one of each card
  • We Hope You Like Squirrels - Literally squirrels. Foil only. Comes with a Squirrel Mob MTGA sleeve and an MTGO code for one of each card.
  • Superdrop Nonfoil Bundle ($100) - Comes with all the nonfoil Secret Lairs for $20 off.
  • Superdrop Foil Bundle ($140) - Comes with all the foil Secret Lairs for $20 off.
  • Superdrop Bundle Bundle ($230) - Comes with both bundles for $50 off overall.

What's Inside?

A Box of Rocks


Arist Series: Seb McKinnon

Happy Lil Gathering

Party Hard, Shred Harder

We Hope You Like Squirrels

Financial Analysis

As mentioned above, the nonfoil Secret Lairs go for $30 and the foil Secret Lairs go for $40.

Let's quickly review the history of Secret Lairs where both foil and nonfoil versions were available. The first Secret Lair to have the option to select nonfoil or foil was the Dog one. Looking at TCGplayer, the price difference between the two still remains at $10, despite the fact that the nonfoil one is now $50. As a result, it's safe to say that the foil ones only have a $10 premium regardless how much they rise, so you should decide whether or not you prefer foil or nonfoil. However, if you want to invest, in terms of % return, the nonfoil one is superior.

How do the cards inside hold up? Prices are pulled from Aether Hub's Market Pricelist!

A Box of Rocks

Arcane Signetimage - $2.50

Chromatic Lanternimage - $8

Commander's Sphereimage - $0.25

Darksteel Ingotimage - $0.75

Gilded Lotusimage - $4

Total: ~$15.50

This is the worst value of the Secret Lair, especially since Arcane Signet and Commander's Sphere can be found in the newly released Commander Legends. The rocks here, except for Arcane Signet, have largely fallen out of favor in all but casual decks, so the assortment is quite lacking. This is only a good pick-up if you are just starting out in Commander AND you like the artwork.

Arist Series: Seb McKinnon

Swampimage - $9 (Godzilla)

Sower of Temptationimage - $2.50

Damnationimage - $40

Enchanted Eveningimage -$2

Total: ~$53.50

Damnation alone makes this Secret Lair worth it and everything else just gravy on the cake. Seb McKinnon has many fans in the MTG community thanks to his unique artwork. Besides the Bob Ross lands, this is probably the second best Secret Lair to buy and store away somewhere because of the inclusion of the basic Swamp. I can imagine players wanting multiple Swamps for their Commander decks. The other two cards are just icing on this wonderfully valued cake.

Happy Lil Gathering

Prices below are of the Godzilla lands

Plainsimage - $6.50

Islandimage - $11

Swampimage - $9

Mountainimage - $13

Forestimage - $11.25

Total: ~$50.75

Basic Land Secret Lairs have a history of doing well and this one is no different. This set features art from a mainstream artist, so I can also see demand coming from non-MTG players as well. Basic Land Secret Lairs are always a good investment because players will need a lot of them. I myself plan to buy several of these to save away.

Party Hard, Shred Harder

Anguished Unmakingimage - $8

Assassin's Trophyimage - $12

Decimateimage - $3

Dreadboreimage - $3

Thraximundarimage - $1

Total: ~$27

Value for this one is on par thanks to some popular inclusions in Anguished Unmaking and Assassin's Trophy. I'd pick this up if you need the cards or like the way these look, but I would not buy this to save.

We Hope You Like Squirrels

Chatter of the Squirrelimage - $0.25

Krosan Beastimage - $2.75

Squirrel Mobimage - $10

Squirrel Wranglerimage - $0.50

Swarmyardimage - $19.50

Total: ~$33

Value for this one is on par, but more because of the fact that high valued cards don't have much supply. If you want to build a Squirrels EDH deck, this is for you, but I would also not buy this to save.

Overall this set of Secret Lairs looks to be much more appealing than the Summer Superdrop. If you are in the market for Secret Lairs and don't mind waiting, this is for you.


About Kagros:

Aether Hub News Team member. Writing thoughts on Magic news and fun gameplay!


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Wow, I'm usually not a fan of Secret Lairs, but those heavy-metal ones are seriously sweet!
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