Everything you need to know about the MTGA Crafter’s Challenge
Economy Event 

17 Mar by variancekills

Providing information on the event's EV and implications on wild card valuation

Limited Report: Innistrad Crimson Vow
Information Limited 

25 Nov by variancekills

In this article, I provide a summary of 30 VOW drafts that I did to complete the set

Expected Cost for a Day 2 Token in MTG Arena Open: Draft
Event Limited 

25 Nov by variancekills

Re-computing the expected cost of obtaining a Day 2 token with the new prize structures

Introducing: The Horde
Community Competitive 

10 Nov by variancekills

Introducing The Horde, an MTGA team. Join through discord: https://discord.gg/WfnXxZaQ88

Limited Report: Innistrad Midnight Hunt
Information Limited 

20 Sep by variancekills

Brief report on my 15 runs of Premier Draft for MID.

Celebrating 1,000,000 gold with some 1k gem giveaways!
Content Creator Event 

20 Aug by variancekills

In celebration of reaching 1 million gold in MTGA, I will be giving away some gems!

Evaluating Different Sources of Data About the MTG Meta
Discussion Information 

17 Jul by variancekills

Let's go over the various sources of information about the meta and identify their pros and cons

AFR Limited Report and 1k Gem Codes Giveaway
Economy Limited 

12 Jul by variancekills

Brief report on my 15 runs of Premier Draft for AFR. Also, giving away 1k gem codes.

Win 1000 gem codes in the “Is the Shuffler broken?!?” raffle!
Community Event 

12 Jun by variancekills

Let's do a simple raffle for some 1k gem codes around the question: "Is the shuffler broken?"

Rank Decay Behavior Update: June 2019 to March 2021
Information MTGA 

24 May by variancekills

2 years' worth of rank decay data indicates that the competitive player base is growing consistently

Some tips on how to amass a ridiculous amount of gold, gems, cards in MTGA
Economy MTGA 

23 May by variancekills

How to accumulate about 880k gold, 39k gems, and almost every card in standard after 29 months

Support Witherbloom at the College Cup for chances to win 1k Gem Codes!

18 May by variancekills

The Strixhaven College Cup is upon us. Join the events and support Witherbloom College!


Hi, I'm Mark. I've won exactly one World Magic Cup Qualifier, one Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier, one Arena Open ($2k) one CFB Pro Showdown (April, 2021), and one Mana Traders Series (Oct, 2021) and I am looking to win more. I've played in almost every Mythic Championship Qualifier Weekend. Follow my FB page or my Twitch channel for no frills, competitive Magic. You won't see my face, but I won't hide my gameplay and deckchoice flaws. I play both MTGA and MTGO and stream most of the time when I do. I will lose often, and I will make mistakes, but I try my best to let you know when I do (and I think I will still win a lot more times than I lose).

I'm a dad and husband first, a statistician, teacher, and researcher second (I know those are 3 things but bear with me), a Magic player third, and a content creator only because I am a Magic player. 

So yeah, let's play some Magic and may the shuffler be with us all.

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/deathbyvariance