23 days ago
DECK EDITS: 5/17/19 - Subbed 3x Soul Diviner              - Added 1x Thought Erasure, 1x Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord, 1x Lyra Dawnbringer I felt the Diviner, while a useful early draw tool, generally felt like a dead draw if not pulled early. Adding in more hand cont..Read more
Hello There, Sorry for the bad English, not my native tongue, First of all big thanks to the french discord community of SparkTv who made this deck as much as me. So this my primer on an Azorius Control build for war of the spark. So here goes nothing :  This..Read more
I am a starting player and I therefore probably make alot of mistakes. If you see some, please comment! Goal of this deck is quite simple: Give Arcanist a counter asap. This way you can also cast 2drop instants and sorceries from the graveyard. Now both counterplacementspells (Gird for Battle and B..Read more
This deck is super fun to play when it pops off.  I got the original list from Merchant's Aggro Walls deck ( I modified it to replace cards that don't exist anymore, then replaced Wall of Mist with Wall of Runes when War of the Spark came out because I t..Read more
Greetings Fellow Planeswalkers   Today I bring my first humble addition to aetherhub. Behold, the simic army! This deck is surprisingly powerful, and a ton of fun to play in standard. I'm going to go through the list in as much detail as I can so hang in there. This list is designed to abuse th..Read more
24 days ago
A fun different control deck, with some creatures (who wants to play solitaire???). No one expects this in ranked. Playing this I have been able to keep my ranked spot around Diamond Tier  1-2. The main winning condition is to control the board, and then have Nissa, Who Shakes the World do her ..Read more
Are you frustrated with playing the same explore package again and again in Golgari Mid-range?? Tired of spending 45 minutes pressing space to pass priority while your opponent draws his entire deck, creates 1000 tokens, and does 10 billion damage to your face while kicking your dog? Then do I have ..Read more
24 days ago
This is a midrange deck, which builds around filling a battlefield with bunch of tokens through playing multicolored spells and stealing opponent's cards.   Mainboard: Hero of Precinct One - one of the main cards in your deck. Will spawn your a lots of tokens for playing multicolored spells, w..Read more
Esper Control Teferi, Hero of Dominaria Liliana, Dreadhorde General God-Eternal Kefnet Moving into the May rotation with War of the Spark now legal I'm trying to make use of the Esper Control staples such as Teferi, Hero of Dominara, Absorb, Thought Erasure, Kaya's Wrath and Search For Azcanta with ..Read more
This is my first public deck build so any comments or suggestions would be most appreciated! The exclusive win condition of this deck is Jace, Wielder of Mysteries.  Given the amount of Planeswalker removal available and the current speed of aggro decks in the meta, the deck is certainly not wi..Read more
RB Zombies is an Aggro deck that can outpace many other Aggro decks and close quick enough against a control matchup on a consistant Turn 4 or 5.       This deck, while aggro focused and having an amazing Curve is very reaction based as well utilizing HeartFire and Costly Plunder..Read more
Mainboard Planeswalkers Liliana, Dreadhorde General The main top-end for the deck is the new Liliana. For 6 mana it's quite easy to get her out consistently on turn 4-5 at which point she demands immediate removal. Her 2/2 tokens serve as blockers to protect her and when they die you'll draw cards. ..Read more
About: This deck will allow you to regularly put out 10-20 artifacts in one turn, gain just as much life, and deal just as much damage to your opponent's life. Take advantage of Experimental Frenzy and Jhoira's Familiar to cycle through your deck while playing artifacts for free, while filteri..Read more
I've been really wanting to play Commence the Endgame but have struggled to find an amass deck that can make the cut. This is the first deck I've played that really feels like it takes advantage of the power of amassing with Commence the Endgame, but also has the ability to stay in the game until th..Read more
In progress Chromatic Black deck. Guildglobe is just not as good as Treasure Map. Reworking around Map... I had underestimated just how powerful scrying for three turns was as well as the flexibility to ramp or Bontu your treasure tokens or cast colored spells. Guildglobe only does one of those. Com..Read more
List modified. The write up will be updated to reflect the Tamiyo and Nissa inclusions.  Both are amazing. Tamiyo for search and recursion (infinite absorbs, etc.).  Nissa is a 5cmc that creates a 3/3 haster with vigilance and “tap this creature for GG”. The next turn it makes another, and..Read more
I'm nuttier than a squirrel turd and this is my first brew I place on Aetherhub. I could use some feedback because I haven't tested this deck yet and I am relatively new to the game. Neoform combo arboreal grazerneoformincubation druid A neoform+incubationdruid combo to grant approximate 5 to 7 spen..Read more
26 days ago
5/6/19 Update: I've spent the past few days on tilt making (highly) questionable edits to the deck. The list in this guide is the one that has given me the most success. There are a lot of things that can cause big loss streaks: in my case likely a combination of bad luck and a clouded mind from IRL..Read more
Good morning Magic Mowus! War of the Spark has not disappointed at all! Got in on the 50 for 50 deal (unbeknownst to the wife shhhh), used coin and gems to procure 108 packs of WAR and I could not be more thrilled. Yes, I had to burn some rares and mythics to get Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God and some oth..Read more
Bo3 Abzan midrange deck, don't try Bo1 Match-up Beats Esper control, Esper Hero, Grixis, Mono-red, Mono-white, Selezniya Tokens, Mardu Aristocrats, Nexus, Reclamation, Gates, all the amass decks, Dimir, etc. Tough / Close against Gruul midrange and Big Red Midrange with Chandra / Sarkhan, Sultai and..Read more
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