Arena Standard
A real Ral reverberation OTK'ing deck

31 Jul by UnlikelyMau

This deck is filled with OTK's and near OTK combo's. The mainboard is core of the deck designed in the most resilient style i could build allowing for as much combo potentail as I could squeeze into it. The maybe board is a list considerations for cards most player's may prefer over something more

Tier 1 Bant Scapeshift Write-Up

31 Jul by MTG_Arena_META

Deck Write Up: Scapeshift What can I say about the up and coming scapeshift deck??? This deck is crazy freaking good. At first I thought it was a meme deck cause scapeshift has always been in meme decks and I generally never saw it as even a good card. However MTGA loves giving people cards that more

Arena Standard
Big Red Chandra

28 Jul by Risendragon

Good morrow Magic Maplesuckers! I gotta say, I am loving the new Core Set 2020. Lots of fun options and it is really awesome to see some great unique takes on old favorites. Now when we think Mono Red we think blazing fiery stupid awesomeness. This Core Set has proven us somewhat wrong and given more

Arena Standard
Electrostatic Spitfire (Mono red)

27 Jul by SonzeySpace

Good day gamers! Today I have a mono red deck for post rotation. Back in Eldritch Moon there was a fun card named Thermo-Alchemist and I always enjoyed playing around with the mad genius. Well fast forward to M20 and it basically got reprinted with Electrostatic Field, combine that with more

Arena Standard
Kethis, The Hidden Hand w/ Writeup

27 Jul by Blakeizen

Blakeizen's Abzan Midrange We're just gonna get Value. Hello spellslingers! Blakeizen here with the weekly Saturday morning build for you! Check out the game play on YouTube- Kethis, the Hidden Hand. The video showcases the deck in action with some game play commentary for those interested in more

Arena Standard
Masterful Artifacts (Dimir)

27 Jul by SonzeySpace

Hello friends!It is that time again to visit the bank of jank and withdraw a shiny decklist! The list I have for you today is rotation proof and uses Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge to discount your planeswalkers and creatures, using my favorite planeswalker Saheeli, Sublime Artificer to create a more

C16: Stalwart Unity - Kynaios and Tiro

26 Jul by Drain_Life

Stalwart Unity Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis believe harmony is the key to true power. They share the rewards of their unshakable bond among their supporters, building alliances before unleashing powerful haymaker against their enemies. more

Arena Standard
Orzhov Citadel

26 Jul by Risendragon

Good evening Magic Malt Maniacs! I am very proud of this here deck, not sure if I should be, but I am. Vampires have always appealed to me, they are fast and have great synergy in the right build. Problem was, I never got the right build going for them and struggled, especially in rated play. So more

Arena Standard
Ub Pirates

26 Jul by Bus49MTG

Through collaboration with CardCounterChris I have ended up on this list. Starting with monoblue I felt that the deck is very weak to the protection from blue menace Shifting Ceratops that was printed in M20. Splashing Black gives us access to Cast Down and Noxious Grasp to be able to deal with more

C16: Invent Superiority - Breya

26 Jul by Drain_Life

Invent Superiority Breya, Etherium Shaper learned to command powerful works of artifice on the Esper shard of Alara. Her mastery of lightning and expertise with etherium enable her to unlock the full potential of her creations and overwhelm her foes. more

C15: Seize Control - Mizzix

25 Jul by Drain_Life

Seize Control Mizzix of the Izmagnus rose from humble beginnings to a place of power by being the craftiest goblin in the forges. As she unleashes more and more spells, they get even cheaper to cast, allowing her to sustain her dominance. more

Black White Tokens

23 Jul by Drain_Life

This deck began its life in 2016 after reading SaffronOlive's article Budget Magic: $95 (36 tix) Modern White-Black Tokens Eric Froehlich of Channelfireball posted an updated verson of the deck in the article Deck of the Day: B/W Tokens (Modern)By Eric Froehlich  //  5 Jan, more

C14: Sworn to Darkness - Ob Nixilis

23 Jul by Drain_Life

Sworn to Darkness Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath is a ruthless tyrant who will stop at nothing to achieve his aims. This Planeswalker commander saps his opponent's strength, summons powerful demons to the battlefield, and compels the dead to rise and fight again. more

BantShift Is K (for three months)

23 Jul by EverythingIsK

Originally running Sultai to utilize Dread Presence and an Elemental package, but now, as shown this last weekend at SCG Philly, sporting the best card white has to offer over Sultai, Teferi, Time Raveler, brings Bant Scapeshift to the forefront of the format with a solid game plan and means to more

Arena Standard
Flood of Atemsis (Mono Blue)

23 Jul by SonzeySpace

Come, join the Flood of Atemsis Gamers... Lets get this out of the way now, this deck is pure jank. But just because something is janky doesn't mean you can't show it some love sometimes. So let me craft this garbage and playtest it while the world laughs, I don't call myself the Mad Lad for more

Arena Standard
Cruel Bloodlords (Orzhov, Vampires)

22 Jul by SonzeySpace

Good day gamers, today I have an absolutely powerful, bloodthirsty deck that is also rotation proof. I am happy to share with you a Cruel Celebrant, Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord, and Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord lifegain deck that has a ton of potential. The main focus of this deck is to leverage more

Arena Standard
Esper Golem Splicers

22 Jul by AlphaToxin

Esper Golems:  I've been wanting to brew an artifact deck since I began playing Magic Arena and saw my opportunity when I saw Master Splicer spoiled in the Magic 2020 Coreset. I always begin my builds based around a trifecta or trinity of key cards. This deck, that I'm calling "Golem Splicers" more

Champs Elysees (Field of the dead combo)

21 Jul by Flu

Rotation soon - soon not standard legal. M20 has introduced a land called Field of the dead that, in case we have in the battefield 7 different lands, generates zombie tokens every time a land enter the zone. With the War of the spark set many new planeswalker have been introduced in standard:& more

Arena Standard
Mu's Mono U

21 Jul by Risendragon

Good morning Magic Maniac Magees! Once more, I am home from work with not only a sick child but a sick body myself. Seriously, a stomach bug in July? What the actual hell? Anyways, with the new Core Set rolling into town, I figured it would be worth looking into everyone's favorite: Mono U. Only more

Simic Manipulation

21 Jul by RealSacredCow

This is a new take on the Simix Manipulation deck.  I took it to FNM and went undefeated, then took to a local tournament and made it to the semi-finals.  The match I lost was strictly on mana issues, which happens.  Though, I would love to use Agent of Treachery to get card draw, it more

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