Hermit Druid WILL win or you will lose:]

15 Sep by meyoumaster

  1 Imperial Seal1 Vampiric Tutor1 Worldly Tutor1 Mystical Tutor1 Enlightened Tutor1 Entomb1 Brainstorm1 Preordain1 Ponder1 Demonic Tutor1 Survival of the Fittest1 Sylvan Library1 Eladamri's Call1 Quiet Speculation1 Muddle the Mixture1 Shred Memory1 See Beyond1 Intuition1 Buried Alive more

The Jankiest of Jank

25 Aug by meyoumaster

This is a deck featuring every EDH-legal alternative-win card, with the exception of Felidar Sovereign, as Test of Endurance is a more fun version of the dumb cat. This is pure jank, with a convulted process needed for some cards. Below are the notable combos.Isochron Scepter imprinted with more

Worldgorger Marchesa

03 Aug by greySynapse

Combos Combo Kills Restoration Angel/Village Bell-Ringer + Kiki-Jiki Splinter Twin + Village Bell-Ringer/Kiki-Jiki Worldgorger Dragon + Shivan Gorge/Piranha Marsh/Murderous Redcap + Necromancy/Animate Dead/Dance of the Dead Synergies Necropotence + Solitary Confinement | Indefinite Shroud and more

C16: Stalwart Unity - Kynaios and Tiro

26 Jul by Drain_Life

Stalwart Unity Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis believe harmony is the key to true power. They share the rewards of their unshakable bond among their supporters, building alliances before unleashing powerful haymaker against their enemies. more

C16: Invent Superiority - Breya

26 Jul by Drain_Life

Invent Superiority Breya, Etherium Shaper learned to command powerful works of artifice on the Esper shard of Alara. Her mastery of lightning and expertise with etherium enable her to unlock the full potential of her creations and overwhelm her foes. more

C15: Seize Control - Mizzix

25 Jul by Drain_Life

Seize Control Mizzix of the Izmagnus rose from humble beginnings to a place of power by being the craftiest goblin in the forges. As she unleashes more and more spells, they get even cheaper to cast, allowing her to sustain her dominance. more

C14: Sworn to Darkness - Ob Nixilis

23 Jul by Drain_Life

Sworn to Darkness Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath is a ruthless tyrant who will stop at nothing to achieve his aims. This Planeswalker commander saps his opponent's strength, summons powerful demons to the battlefield, and compels the dead to rise and fight again. more

Krenko, Mob Boss

18 Jul by Game-Jester

Goblins are tons of fun, and with Krenko in charge the fun never ends.  The goal of the deck is not to attack with a bunch of tokens (which you can do), but is to ping opponents as goblins enter or leave the battlefield, and deal damage to opponents equal to number of Goblins you control. Now, more

Meren Stax cEDH

12 Jul by MomQuest

Meren of Clan Nel Toth Stax - cEDH Stax: An unfair control strategy designed for competitive Commander. "Control," in the sense that it's gameplan is to elongate the game by limiting opponent's movements until a winning position can acheived; "unfair," in the sense that it does so by limiting more

C13: Evasive Maneuvers - Roon Blink

10 Jul by Drain_Life

Evasive Maneuvers Roon of the Hidden Realm is believed to guard the gate of an ethereal world. Raised in a devout family, the young rhox was drawn to warlike pursuits against his father’s wishes. Roon joined the infamous Herald’s Army, where he became a skilled fighter. But after a mistaken more

C17: Vampiric Bloodlust - Edgar Markov

10 Jul by Drain_Life

Vampiric Bloodlust original preconstructed deck list. Official descriptions from the packaging and insert from WotC: As the sole origin of their bloodline, Edgar Markov commands the Markov vampires of Innistrad. With his tremendous influence, Edgar continually expands his vampire army, overwhelming more

Wake Me Up, Before you Brago Go

11 Jun by pokeygooses

Then who was flickering the creatures... Brago, King Eternal! This fun deck blinks its permenants since almost all of them have enter the battlefield effects that produce tokens! Lets get to swarming! Part 1: Key Pieces Brago, King Eternal Panharmonicon Anointed Procession These cards are going to more

Mono Blue Good Stuffs EDH

06 Jun by CHR1AS

THIS IS NOT A COMPETITIVE EDH DECK Many times when I play Mono Blue in my play group, I feel that I am getting a lot of hate even though I don't even put any threat on the board. It got worse when I used Baral, Chief of Compliance as my Commander which draw a lot of hate. I decided to re-iterate my more

Chandra Tribal

05 Jun by CHR1AS

THIS IS NOT A COMPETITIVE EDH DECK The previous iteration of this deck is completely full on Chandra deck. It ran cards like Chandra's Fury and even Inferno Jet, cards which were rather unplayable in a Multiplayer game. Sometimes it kinda feel stale when the game does not go your way (which is more

Karona, True God of Mischief

30 May by pokeygooses

Karona, True God of Mischief Are things in your play group too predictable, too stale, too effiecent... boring, am I right! Instead lets just jumble everything on the board and strike up crazy deals with our opponents, lets cause some chaos! Just remember that the best way to play this deck is to more

Rakdos, The Bargain Hunter

28 May by pokeygooses

Rakdos, The Bargain Hunter Let's start a riot... at your game table as you lay down card after card for little to no mana. Rakdos, Lord of Riots lets us get great deals on creatures that cost ridiculous amounts of mana, as long as we deal enough damage to the opponents and since it says opponents, more

Lost in Madness

18 May by TheBlueRage

What's our strategy? We're going to control the board with bounce effects and counter spells while using cycle effects and madness to assemble a game winning combo. Rocky Morning First, we'll ramp with Everflowing Chalice, Prismatic Lens, Mind Stone, and Fractured Powerstone. Chug Some Water We're more

I Like Big Butts

21 Apr by bigwoodmtg

"I Like Big Butts" by Doran, the Siege Tower   FACT: this card makes high toughness matter. And to make things even spicier is the fact it can ensure your defenders can attack: that was always a bit problematic with Doran since defenders and high toughness go hand in hand. Here, you more

Zurgo Helmsmasher EDH (Budget Voltron)

19 Apr by MatMcDonut

I set out with a budget of 50 dollars maximum to try and stick with. At the time of posting this, it cost me $46.45 USD. There are a lot of staples I kept in such as Assault Suit, Worldslayer, and Sigarda's Aid. For those who may be unfamiliar with a Voltron strategy, the main wincon is through more

Derevi, SEAL Team Tap

26 Mar by bigwoodmtg

Derevi, Empyrial Tactician Objective of the Deck This is a casual and fun deck which capitalizes on the tapping synergies well with Derevi, Empyrial Tactician and within the Merfolk tribe. The deck aims to win in the following ways: The deck is primarily a combo deck with various more

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