Three Ways To Play Combo In Wilds of Eldraine Standard -Including Infinite Mana

Genoslugcs September 10, 2023 4 min
Three Ways To Play Combo In Wilds of Eldraine Standard -Including Infinite Mana

Wilds of Eldraine dropped a few days ago, bringing several combo decks to Standard. Janky combos in Standard MTG aren't unheard of, but we don't usually have several. And while some are worse than others, all three can snag you some wins. If you're a Johnny Combo player, the WOE meta has plenty of builds for you to go off with, including infinite mana!

We'll break down what the Wilds of Eldraine standard combo decks are, how they win, touch on the cards that support them, give a few alternative builds where possible, and give you a complete decklist for each. So, without further ado, let's jump in.

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Wilds of Eldraine Stardard Combo Decks

Some decks want to put a bunch of creatures into play and quickly attack their way to victory. Others are built to control the board and the game's tempo, ultimately winning through a value-based strategy. Combo decks are a whole other beast and look to assemble some combination of cards that will win the game on the spot or snowball into an insurmountable value engine. Here are three different combo decks in Standard.

Agatha's Soul Cauldron Infinite Mana

Gameplay Video - Here

♾️ Infinite Silly Goose Combo

image image image

The three cards pictured above combine to generate infinite mana of any color. Here's how it works. With Sleep-Cursed Faerieimage in your graveyard, you can activate the Soul Cauldron to exile the faerie. When you do, you put a +1/+1 counter on Kami of Whispered Hopesimage, which will get an extra counter, thanks to its ability. Now, the Kami has three power, and the activated ability to untap itself for two mana. For the record, this works with either card in the graveyard/on the field.

Perhaps you see where this is going. You can tap the Kami, add three mana of any color to your mana pool, and then spend two of that mana untapping it. So, you can tap/untap as many times as you want, and you'll net one mana each time. Ta-da! You've got infinite mana... How are you going to use it to win the game? Well, you've got a few options.

image image

If you run blue (which is probably a good idea), you can use The Goose Motherimage as your wincon. Pump enough mana into it to one-shot-kill your opponent and call it a day. The deck plays four copies of Bitter Reunionimage, which gives your goose haste (as well as the Kami) so you can smash face as quickly as possible.

The deck also plays Fauna Shamanimage, which is great for several reasons. First, it lets you discard creatures into your graveyard, putting you a step closer to going off. Next, that's a powerful activated ability that can be spread around thanks to the Soul Cauldron. Lastly, it can tutor for The Goose Motherimage or Voldaren Thrillseekerimage to fling a massive goose at someone and win without attacking.

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Light Up the Nightimage is another option and is pretty straightforward - Pump enough mana into it to make it a lethal amount of damage. But it's the more fragile of the two, in my opinion. As far as support goes, you really only need things to loot cards away (Bitter Reunionimage, Cathartic Pyreimage, Collector's Vaultimage) and Gaea's Giftimage for some protection.

Infinite Power Land Creatures

Jund Turtle Combo

image image image

Blossoming Tortoiseimage does a lot, but the key part for the combo is that it reduces the cost of activated abilities of your lands by one mana. So, it only costs a single mana to turn Mishra's Foundryimage into a creature. Once you've done this (or flipped your Invasion of Zendikar // Awakened Skyclaveimage and created a "land creature" that way), you enchant it with Draconic Destinyimage.

Now, you've got a land creature in play with the activated ability, "Pay one mana: This creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn.” It’s a Dragon in addition to its other types." Luckily, Blossoming Tortoiseimage makes it cost one less. This means you can activate it as many times as necessary to put the power/toughness higher than the opponent's life total.

image image

The deck also runs Callous Sell-Swordimage for the Flingimage like ability that can deal lethal without even having to attack. There are also several copies of Beseech the Mirrorimage, as it can tutor for (and cast for free via Bargain) all of the deck's major combo pieces. Aside from this core, you'll see lots of removal, ramp, and a few protection spells. Oh, and Play with Fireimage makes an appearance over additional Cut Downimage because it can damage Invasion of Zendikar // Awakened Skyclaveimage.

Much More Than Three Blind Mice

Gameplay Video - Here

Three Blind Mice Combo

image image

You may be familiar with this one if you read my Five Powerful Arena Standard Decks For The Current WOE Meta article. If not, here is how it works. First, you must put Three Blind Miceimage into your graveyard. You can do this by going through all the chapters and sacing itself or milling one into the yard with Jace, the Perfected Mindimage.

Once that's done, you can target it with the -x ability of Tamiyo, Compleated Sageimage, creating a token copy. Now, here is where you start to snowball into combo'n off. Once your copy reaches the second chapter, it can copy itself since it is a token. This makes you a ton of 1/1 tokens, but each additional copy of Three Blind Miceimage can target another for chapters two and three, meaning you'll never stop making them once you reach a certain point.

Your board will be massive once this happens, and when the sagas start hitting the final chapters, you'll pump them up with +1/+1 anthems. The rest of the deck ensures you stay alive to complete the combo. So, you have Make Disappearimage, Soul Partitionimage, Fateful Absenceimage, Elspeth's Smiteimage, Depopulateimage, Sunfallimage, and The Wandering Emperorimage.


Spam the board with infinite tokens, fling a 20/20 land at someone's face, or make endless mana and cast an ungodly Goose hydra - If you have a taste for combo, Wilds of Eldraine has options for you. I hope you enjoyed today's article and found something new and exciting to play. Also, comment below with suggestions for my Turtle Combo list... It's very much a work in progress.


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