Top Standard Decks - September 2023

ChrisCee September 5, 2023 3 min
Top Standard Decks - September 2023

Well, yeah... not really reasonable to expect Wilds of Eldraine to affect the meta one day after it comes out. There is also not really much departure from last month's sudden renewed interest of players to mono-black, although we still get a bit of an "allied" shuffle this time around. Oh and, you might want to recheck as well some of the minor changes for the top performances of the last few Standard events.

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Standard Tournament Meta - Top 8 Decks

For Standard Events at least, Mono-black eventually goes out of style once again 30 days later. In fact, it didn't just go down a few places. It disappeared from the top 8 completely, dropping down all the way to 11th, at 3.57% of the meta. The top spot is now occupied by last month's 2nd placer, Dimir Aggro, at a dominating 33.33% of the meta. We then have a sudden resurgence of the popularity of Azorius Control (after several months), which now takes 9.52% of the meta. Esper Control maintains its third place, but drops from 14.17% to 7.74% of the meta.

Dimir Aggro

33.33% of the meta

UW Control

9.52% of the meta

Esper Control

7.74% of the meta

Esper Raffine

7.14% of the meta

Selesnya Aggro

7.14% of the meta

4/5C Control

5.95% of the meta

Azorius Soldier

5.95% of the meta

Red Deck Wins

4.76% of the meta


Standard MTGA: Best of Three - Top 8 Decks

Not much change here from last month's top 8 in Bo3, but we do get double Dimir entries. The first Dimir Control maintains its highest position, going from 8.67% last month to 17.79% of the meta, while the second Dimir Control pops up in 4th place, at 4.98% of the meta. Meanwhile, Mono Black creeps up higher at 9.25%, stealing Esper Control's 2nd place spot (which is now currently at 6.05%). Orzhov gets kicked out of the list, from 5.33% down to 2.49% of the meta.

Dimir Control

17.79% of the meta

Mono Black

9.25% of the meta

Esper Control

6.05% of the meta

Dimir Control

4.98% of the meta

Mono Red Wins

3.91% of the meta

Four Color Ramp

3.91% of the meta

Five Color

3.20% of the meta


3.20% of the meta


Standard MTG Arena: Best of One - Top 8 Decks

It's... Dimir again! No, it didn't take any top spots, but it did land squarely in 8th place replacing UW Control. Mono Black Midrange crept up back a bit here, as it is now in 2nd, at 8.21% of the meta. Selesnya Enchantments was pushed one place down in 3rd, sitting at 8.12% (not a typo). Mono Red Wins once more gain two places, one is at 1st, at a very close 8.93%, then another at 4th, with 7.07% of the meta. Mono White Soldiers is no longer at 3rd, but is currently at 5th, from 7.30% down to 5.85%.

Mono Red Wins

8.93% of the meta

Mono Black Midrange

8.21% of the meta

Selesnya Enchantments

8.12% of the meta

Mono Red Wins

7.07% of the meta

Mono White Soldiers

5.85% of the meta

Mono Blue Tempo

3.54% of the meta


2.09% of the meta


2.04% of the meta


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