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A guide to setting up as a Content Creator

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By: AetherHub - 25 Feb 2019

We have a lot of functionality for content creator on Aetherhub. The following is a guide for both established and new Content creators, both streamers and video creators. We will first quickly go through the basic stuff for streamers and then follow up with things we offer to Twitch Affiliates, Partners and bigger Youtube Content creators.

Twitch Streamer Setup

There three basic things you need to set up as a Twitch streamer for streamlining your channel. The first one is installing the DeckMaster overlay! This extension enables viewers to hover over cards within your stream and read the card descriptions within MTG Arena. This is a must for every streamer planning on playing MTG Arena.

Viewers can hover cards with DeckMaster

Next is enabling people watching to see what decks you are playing. Using AetherHub as the place to post your decks enables you to use our Twitch Extensions to share your decklists. There are three ways to do this and we recommend setting up all of them.

With the DeckHub Component Extension users can click a button inside your stream and pop out your currently played decklist. Remember to put it on the far top left of the component view so it works the best with the DeckMaster overlay

The DeckHub Component overlay is compact, enables direct export and is compatible with DeckMaster

Then add the DeckHub Panel Extension which is a panel in your Twitch Channel where viewers can see your latest decks on your AetherHub profile without directly visiting the site.

Displays your latest nine played decks, with a link to your profile

And lastly setting up bots to point your viewers to your decks. Here is a link with recommended setups for the two most popular Twitch bots. Nightbot and the Stream Elements bot. Viewers are used to using commands like !deck,!decks or !decklists. By using simple URLs you can direct users to your currently active deck or your profile.


Link to decks in your video descriptions, we provide multiple view modes of decks, easy exports to text, MTG Arena or Tournament print sheets and detailed stats and simulation tools.

Remember to add a link to your Youtube and Twitch Channel inside of your AetherHub profile so people viewing decks on the site can find your channel. Remember to check that the link to your Youtube works, a lot of people set this up wrong and provide a link to their user instead of channel. 

Set up your AetherHub profile

Remember to add your Twitch and Youtube links in your profile. There is also a Profile Description that will show up on your public profile and at the bottom of every deck and article you make.

Get in the Content Creator Program

The content creator program is a premium feature that is offered to people with either Twitch Partnership or has over 1000 subscribers on Youtube. It will also be available at a later as a subscription. It enables users to take their AetherHub account to the next level and gives you access to more functionality. Here is what you get:

  • Access to the Article system
  • Ability to embed Youtube videos in your decks
  • New decks with embedded videos will be displayed on the front page
  • Your embedded video decks will be available in the Deck Hub Video section
  • Random live Twitch Content creators will be displayed on the front page
  • The newest decks from Content creators will be displayed on the front page
  • Decks containing write-ups (More than 2500 chars) gets featured on the front page
  • Your public profile will have the Content Creator status
  • Your profile will contain a star in the DeckHub deck list overview

Write Articles

If you enjoy the written medium more than video we also have articles on the site. Content creators get access to posting articles that get displayed on the front page and there is also a whole section dedicated to only Articles. Many enjoy their content in the written form and we want to give users the opportunity to share content in this form too. 

Earn money by posting content

Did you know that you can earn money by creating decks and driving users to AetherHub? With our partnership with TCGPlayer this is possible and multiple content creators are already doing this with us! Read more about eligibility and how this works here.

This system will change the referral link on cards inside all of your decks and articles from AetherHubs TCGplayer referral link to your own, meaning you earn the referral bonuses instead of us

Join Team Aether

Team Aether is both a community and a streaming team. We work to include as many as possible and anyone is welcomed in our team and Discord channel. We work together to grow and being part of the streaming team means you get access to sponsorship deals and sub bonuses. We are currently working on onboarding with Opera Events and Quest Mode and will be posting more information here when we are done setting this up.




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