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Deckmaster: MTG Arena Overlay

Created by: Fugi
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The Deckmaster Twitch extension enables viewers to hover over cards in play to see all the details. They can also click graveyards and exile zones to see cards there, similar to the native client. Install Deckmaster on

Deckmaster is not affiliated with in any way but is the standard tool every MTG Arena streamers use to give their viewers the ability to take part of the gameplay.

Install Deckmaster here

Key Features

  • Works on mobile
  • Language support
  • Draft voting
  • See opponents revealed cards
  • See cards left in players library
  • Automatically enables/disables itself
  • Size and location can be adjusted

Make it easy for viewers to watch the game

Our DeckHub Component mode works with Deckmaster

Our own extension DeckHub, works together with Deckmaster by combining them as an Overlay and Component combination. We recommend you put DeckHub in Component mode on the left side of the screen and at the absolute top for the best experience. You can then use DeckMaster as a fullscreen Overlay.