We never Lose, we only Learn.

We never Punt, we only Improve.

We Grow Together.

We Surpass ourselves.

To be part of Team Aether is to have the mindset of someone who does not believe in defeat, losses are nothing but experience. The one who makes no mistakes, makes nothing at all. Our only goal is to surpass ourselves and to grow together as a community. We know that our paths are different but what matters the most is the journey. Team Aether is not a group, it is a mindset, and a way of living. If this resonate with you, then welcome to Team Aether.

Profiled Members:

Andre Liverød

Andre started playing Magic The Gathering in the Khans of Tarkir era, where Siege Rhinos and dragons roamed freely. He enjoys playing newer formats like Standard and Limited where the battlefield is under constant change. Prefers aggressive and fast decks with tight plays. Has been playing Magic The Gathering Arena since the closed beta and is streaming every weekday.