We never Lose, we only Improve.

We never Punt, we only Learn.

We Grow Together.

We Surpass ourselves.

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To be part of Team Aether is to have the mindset of someone who does not believe in defeat, losses are nothing but experience. The one who makes no mistakes, makes nothing at all. Our only goal is to surpass ourselves and to grow together as a community. We know that our paths are different but what matters the most is the journey. Team Aether is not a group, it is a mindset, and a way of living. If this resonate with you, then welcome to Team Aether.

Profiled Members:

Andre Liverød ‘andreliverod’

Andre started playing Magic The Gathering in the Khans of Tarkir era, where Siege Rhinos and dragons roamed freely. He enjoys playing newer formats like Standard and Limited where the battlefield is under constant change. While he prefers aggressive and fast decks with tight plays, he dives into any archtype without hesitation. Has been playing MTG Arena since the closed beta and is also one of the creators of and the founder of Team Aether. Focuses on the competitive aspect of the game when streaming and at the same time like to talk through line choices and decisions

Vincenzo Montevago ‘Bofur’

Vincenzo is an Italian player of Magic: The Gathering. He started playing in 2001 during the battle beetwen the Dominarian forces and Phyrexians. After a long period of inactivity he has returned on the scene with the MTG Arena closed beta. Prefers combo and control decks with which he can control the opponent’s cards and progressively win the match. Plays Standard and Limited only, cause he enjoys playing dynamic and fresh formats. Favorite colors are White and Blue.

Chris Harrison ‘CardCounterChris’

CardCounterChris met the love of his life, Magic: The Gathering at the middle school lunch tables in 1999 at the ripe age of 11, just after the release of Mercadian Masques. MTG remained a solid part of his life throughout high school where he dropped the game upon graduation. He later returned to the game during Scars of Mirrodin while in the U.S. Navy and started participating in FNMs PTQs and GPs. Chris started streaming after his Navy career, while working for a casino as a blackjack and craps dealer. With the release of Arena, he’s dedicated his stream to the game and is currently a student and full time MTG streamer who shares his passion with the internet!

Daryl Hartley ‘WaifuGate’

WaifuGate began his Magic the Gathering career at the age of 12 during the Torment and Odyssey block; he’s continued to play on and off throughout sets. The last time he played competitively was during Return to Ravnica. By watching a streamer that goes by the name TheGraveCrawler, he discovered MTG: Arena, and fell in love with the game again. The ability to playtest decks on a whim ignites an old passion rivaled by nothing else for WaifuGate. Currently, WaifuGate enjoys complaining about Teferi(even if he brews/pilots decks with him), and is trying to discover a list in which he can sink unlimited time into; it might not be a specific list, but a playstyle. Right now, he enjoys playing mostly off-meta control and some midranges lists. He recently switched from Path of Exile to streaming MTG, and will continue to do so until the end of his life.

Andrew Mitchell ‘Snap Keep Arcade’

Snap Keep Arcade is a Youtube Channel dedicated to bringing players extensive deck guides and Magic Arena content. Its creator Andrew Mitchell, also known as "Boots", started playing Magic when Return to Ravnica was released and became competitive with the release of Theros. He believes in having a well-rounded understanding and appreciation for all deck archetypes and does not prefer one over the other. Boots is a Spike at heart.

Michael Jackisch ‘JackischMTG’

JackischMTG, also known as Jack, started Magic: the Gathering in the summer of 2007, just before Lorwyn dropped. He started out playing ol'fashioned kitchen table games, but quickly found himself addicted to the challenge playing against superior players. It wasn't long before Jack started crushing his local FNMs, going on to seek out bigger fish at higher stakes tournaments. The objective in his Twitch Channel is to provide a welcoming and thoughtful community for all to enjoy, but particuarly those who aim to step up their game. He is never afraid of stepping outside of the meta and challenging current ideas of what's best, and looks forward to participating in the coming E-Sports scene in Arena.

GRYKAN ‘The Faceless Mage’

GRYKAN, "The Faceless Mage" had played Magic since the dawn of time but has been playing Magic competitively since the days of Invasion Block, in arguably one of the most competitive places on Earth, N.Y.C.'s Neutral Grounds and other places, all along compiling a DCI Composite rating of 1970, achieving multiple accolades before retiring from the game of in 2005 abruptly due to marriage, career changes and then children. After just a few games with MTG Arena, he was re-hooked and now back in the Magic scene as well as dabbling in the Twitch streamer's life. Rehoning his skills and hoping to rekindle his old competitive spirit.

Steve ‘The Best’

Steve is a Yugioh player at heart and has played the TCG as well as Yugioh Duel Links. Bringing to the table the basic knowledge of standard TCG games and with a F2P approach, he shows how F2P people can indeed survive in a world of P2W players all around in Magic The Gathering ARENA. His accounting background helps him crunch the numbers and how to economically as well as statistically max out the best for a Free-2-Play Player. He is also very young to the Magic world and his play style and antics brings a real and fresh perspective to the game. Join him on his quest to learn the META, keep up with it and hopefully one day break it!


AdamAntMTG fell in love with Magic The Gathering in 1993 when Arabian Nights hit the shelves. A Role Playing game enthusiast, Magic felt like a pocket story telling game that soon replaced the Table Top games with easy to play deck duels. After 2 back to back Nationals trips and a lot of great memories he had an appreciation for the dedication and effort to be at the top of the game. Magic has always been a passion, but on and off over the years till MTG Arena brought the game back into focus. AdamAntMTG is determined to teach and elevate new players by focusing on value plays, good sportsmanship and good attitudes to get the most out of Magic and the experience that makes MTG the best game in the world. From the most casual player to those who have sights on the ultimate competitive play, He can help you find your best games by teaching core skills.