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TCGplayer plus Aetherhub equals Sale commissions to Content Creators
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By: AetherHub - 04 Apr 2019

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We are very excited to announce our partnership with! Giving us the ability to access their card pricing API and earning us commissions through linking our cards to their sales portals is awesome!

With our site having tens of thousands of decks, and with new creations being posted every minute. We asked ourselves; "How can we give value to people who help us grow? Those who make brews, decks, videos, and write-ups on our site, the people that generate most of our traffic."


We reached out to the guys over at TCGPlayer and asked how we can go about rewarding our users and were amazed at how quick they were to respond and wanted to help us with our idea. Fast forward a couple of weeks and we have we have introduced a system where people can earn commissions through our site by being partnered with TCGPlayer. These commissioned sales are paid directly from TCGPlayer, Aetherhub does not take any cut of these commissions, the rates are all handled by TCGPlayer.

How does it work?
We link your TCGPlayer Partner ID to your Aetherhub account, this will make all buy card/deck links within your MTG decks refer to your partner ID instead of ours. Meaning all links within your decks have the potential to lead to TCGPlayers commissioned sales. Share your decklist on Youtube, Twitch streams, articles or social media to generate sales. Our DeckHub algorithm pushes popular decks and gives extra visibility points for decks containing write-ups or embedded videos. 

What is the commission percentage?
The commission you get is set and adjusted by, Aetherhub does not have anything to do with the rates as this is a partnership between you and TCGPlayer. They reward you based on new users you bring in to their site.

I already have an affiliate relationship with TCGPlayer
If you already have a partner account we can use this to link in your Aetherhub profile. TCGPlayer also has other affiliate systems and these do not affect their partnership system. There are multiple ways to be affiliated with TCGPlayer and all of them work together and stack.

So how do I apply?
We at are seeking to include established content creators in the commission sales system. For Twitch users, we are seeking partnered Magic the Gathering streamers. For MTG YouTubers, we set the starting limit at 1.000 subscribers. Send us your information and we can help make a recommendation to TCGPlayer, to help get your partner account set up. They will have a look at candidates we recommend and make the final decision on establishing a partnership. With this, you will also get lifetime Content Creator status on our site. If you create content any other way reach out and we will see what we can do.

You can reach out to @andreliverod on twitter or get ahold of him in our Discord Server. Or send us an email: admin[at]

Driving traffic to your decks
Other than posting deck links on your Social media and in youtube videos we have some tools to help you out. With Twitch we have two extensions you can use:

The DeckHub Component overlay Extension
This extension can be used in your overlay to show your currently played deck on AetherHub by easily selecting your currently played deck by clicking a button on the site.

The DeckHub Panel Extension
Display your latest decks in a neat panel.

Read more about the extensions here

 DeckHub Extension DeckHub Panel


You can also directly link to an active Twitch deck with a bot pointing to the following URL:



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If you prefer to buy functions separately you can do so by purchasing NRG tokens.

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