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Risendragon's Guide to Teaching Children How to Play MTG
Teaching your kids how to play Magic: The Gathering can also teach them valuable life skills at an early age.
AetherHub News
Layout 2.0 and Team Aether open for Twitch Affiliates and Partners
Team Aether is now open for onboarding via as we are now partnered with Opera Events. Aetherhub Layout 2.0 is also coming in March.
Sponsorship TeamAether
Streaming Sponsorship and the future of Team Aether
Changes are coming to our Streaming Sponsorship system, it will be integrated with Team Aether and also publicly available. What does this mean for you as a streamer and content creator?
Twitch Youtube
A guide to setting up as a Content Creator
We have a lot of functionality for content creator on Aetherhub. The following is a guide for both established and new Content creators, both streamers and video creators.
Discussion MTGA
Should we rely on external tracking sites for MTGA Game data?
Collection tracking and W/L stats are a necessity for a card game. There are great services for this but relying on these might not be a good thing in the long run.
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Reasons for playing BO1 over BO3
Howdy everyone! As i am sure, many people around these parts play MTGA. But i often find many people saying things such as "BO3 is better than BO1" or "Don't bother playing BO1 because it isn't rea
MTGA Events
We have 100 MTG Arena Boosters to give away Sponsored by Wizards of the Coast
Wizards have given me the honor of being a Sponsored Content Creator this week and with this handed me 100 boosters to give away.
Pewdiepie the biggest Youtuber reaches Mythic in MTG Arena!
We were all surprised earlier this month when Youtube's biggest star, Pewdiepie released a video of him Playing MTG Arena. Even more so when he reached Diamond at the end. Well, the madlad is back...
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Daily Tier1 Tourney Decks and the Bots of Aetherhub
Let me introduce you to our newest automated Bot, his task is an important one. Gather the latest decklists from the current meta on a daily basis!
MTGA Updates
Warning - Bugs are causing imported decks to crash the client
After the Update the 14th of February it has come to our attention that some decks freeze the MTG Arena Client. We found the reason, and here is how to prevent it until it gets fixed
Competitive Guide
How to run an MTG Tournament
Want to run your own MTG Tournaments with other people? Either over the internet, with your local LGS or just with your friends in your living room, Aetherhub has the tools you need.
Guide MTGA
Here is how you change basic land art in MTG Arena
Ever since the latest update the 14th February, Wizards made a change so swapping your basic land art does not work the same way as the did before. Here is the solution.
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TCGplayer plus Aetherhub equals Sale commissions to Content Creators
We are very excited to announce our partnership with! This enables us to do something unique for our content creators.
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