Promotion fees

  • $0.80 per unique installs from US, Canada and Australia
  • $0.50 per unique installs from western Europe
  • $0.30 per unique installs from other countries
Rough revenue estimates: 100,000 views per month usually lead to 780 installs, or ~$500 per month.
This varies greatly based on the size and engagement of your audience.

The Overwolf Software platform has started a revenue program that gives content creators the ability to earn monthly fees by promoting the MTGA Assistant deck tracker extension to their audience. If you are qualified for joining the partner program you can apply today and get your unique download link. We have worked hard on MTGA Assistant and it has been established as the most feature-rich extension on the MTG Arena Extension Market. It is important for us that partners are genuine when promoting our extension, so be sure to head over to to learn more about the extension and give it a try.


Overwolf looks for promising content creators who show real enthusiasm for their apps. Acceptance into the program is based on review and may vary from one partner to the next. Here are the numbers content creators need to have:

  • Youtube: 5,000+ average views per video in the past 30 days.
  • Live streaming: 50+ average concurrent viewers on your livestreams in the past 30 days.
  • At least 50% of your content has to be related to supported games in the partners program.

Be sure to read up on the story about how we made the app and why we chose Overwolf as a platform, we touch on some topics that are useful to know as someone promoting the platform: The Story behind MTGA Assistant

Useful Tips

Displaying the extension during gameplay is a great way to demonstrate it for your viewers and make them interested in the tool, but the most important thing is to do a "call to action" and tell your users that using your download link will support you directly. What you want to accomplish is not only having your audience want to try the extension out but to do so using your unique download link. We also have content creators using tools like our Community Teams in the extension, to have users join their team within the extension. As you can see the largest team on the site is a Spanish Team with over 800 members. Not only did they download the extension, but they also synced their AetherHub account and joined a team!

For YouTubers, this is best accomplished by doing a short call to action at the start of the video either by a message spoken by you or included as text in the video, and do not forget the download link in the description.

For Twitch streamers we recommend a bot with a !extension command + a timed shoutout. When playing MTGA with the extension it exposes your audience to the MTGA Assistant brand which is a great thing, but you need to drive users to download via your link. This way you can focus on gameplay as your chatbot will do the call to action for you.

What's in it for us?

It is always helpful to understand the bigger picture, so how can Overwolf and MTGA Assistant offer payments for installing an app? The answer is that every app included in the Overwolf Partnership Program earns ad revenue which is split between the developers and Overwolf. So for this to pay off we need to make a great app that is useful and gives our users value so that we in the long term can earn the cost of acquisition back. We do not want to take away from the gaming experience and are placing the ads in non-intrusive places, most users will only see an ad after they close the game and review the game summary. There exists a premium option which will hide all the ads, we have already given most Content creators on the site a premium account, so sync your account when installing to benefit from this.