How to participate in an AetherHub tournament

Signing up and participating in an AetherHub tournament is quick and easy. This is a quick look at how it works and how you find your opponents and deliver results. The first step is to sign up with a name and required information if this is an MTG Arena hosted tournament you will most likely be required to enter your MTGA nick. Be sure to copy-paste this nick from the game as it is case sensitive, remember the hashtags and numbers as well.

If a decklist is required you need to submit this as you sign up. Beware that after submitting the deck and getting accepted into the tourney, you will not be able to change the list. Check the tournament description if any for more details. Your deck will be checked by the legality engine to ensure it matches the selected Tourney type. The tournament manager also has access to manually check the deck.

After all required information is filled in press the Sign-up button and you will receive a message that your application is pending and the organizer has to approve your entry

During the time of pending until the entry is approved you can change your deck. Some tourneys do not approve contenders before the last minutes before the start to let players change their decklists last minute if needed. Check the description of the tournament for more information on this. After approval, you will get a message that you are registered. If tourney chat is enabled you will also be able to speak to the organizer and other live contenders in the chat box. When the tournament starts be sure to keep this window open to receive pairings, the page will refresh by itself when pairings are posted. For good measure, you can try a manual refresh if it seems like the tournament has started.

If enabled a round timer will be displayed at the top of the page. When pairings are posted you will find the row with yourself and your opponent highlighted and you will be able to see that player's game display name if enabled. Clicking the gamepad icon beside the game display name will copy the nick to the clipboard. Play the rounds and deliver the results, it is very important that both players deliver the result. It does not matter if you win or lose, both players should submit the results, that way it will be auto-confirmed. If you make a mistake you can go back and change it before the round ends.

The Add results button is available in the same row your pairing against your opponent is, it can also be found as a tab in the top of the page. Both buttons do the same, they bring up the result page. Forced draws in round 1 are written as 1-1-1. Remember that in paper magic it is not best two out of three games, the match is played until a player has won 2 games or the time runs out. This means that match results can be reported as 2-1-1 or 2-1-2 or such. If you want to drop mark yourself as "drop player", communicate if you can with your opponent and tell him to mark you as dropped too which will auto confirm so the admin do not have to manually set you as dropped.

If you have any messages for the admin you can click the "Set Sticky note" tab on the top and send a message to the admin with your results.