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At AetherHub we aim to be a central website in the MTG community, building Hubs and connecting them together. MTG is more than just a game and spans several categories, financial, competitive, art, lore, story and more with many layers and a lot of content creators creating unique content. There is always something new we want to create and share with you, this page is made as an overview of the main Hubs of our website and what they have to offer you as a user.

DeckHub - User Decks

The DeckHub is where you can find all user-created decks of the site, and where you build and import your decks. All decks can be browsed in the User Decks section, but we also made smaller sections containing only videos and writeups for those interested in that. Use the search filter to browse decks with a specific title or created by a user. You can also use our Card search engine to find decks containing up to three cards. Filters for archetypes are included, these are set by users themselves and are not a requirement. In addition, we also have Color filters for decks.

The default ordering of decks is a combination of popularity and deck attributes. If the deck contains a video or a longer writeup it will get extra bonus points. Marking the deck with at least one tag will also increase the point counter. Decks that are over 30 days old are considered old and will get extra reduced points. Content creators decks tend to get more traction as they are linked to from outside sources giving them more traffic.

In addition to sections with only videos and writeups there are also pages for looking at statistics for each format to get an overview of the most popular cards, archetypes and colors.

DeckHub - Deck Tools

When viewing public decks or your own decks you have access to several tools. There are four viewing modes for decks; Visual, CMC, Compact and Gallery. Visual is just all the cards of the deck clumped together in a list, hovering them will pop the card to the front. The CMC view is the same as the Visual one but arranges the cards by Converted Mana Cost, compact view is a text list of the cards. Your preferred view will be stored and the next time you open a deck it will automatically select the view you used last time. The last one is Gallery mode and is meant as a showcase page where you can take a print screen and include it on other websites or share the image on social media.

We have exporting tools for converting decklists to MTG Arena format, MTG Online file download or a text formatted decklist. We also give you the ability to embed decklists on other websites and exporting your list to for printing out to paper tournaments.

Other tools include the ability to copy the decklist to your own account, a little notice will be put in the description of the origin of the deck, you can also import the deck directly into our Deck Builder and this can be done without logging into the site. Favoriting the deck to look it up later is available if you are logged in. All Public AetherHub decks can also be added to our DeckHub Twitch Extension.

The ability to simulate drawing hands with the deck is also available, in addition, we have a Simulation script where you can simulate up to millions of starting hands and see how often you draw x amount of lands. A mana calculator is available to see the recommended mana amount and we have a color, cmc, and rarity breakdown charts. Lastly, we also include a Hypergeometric calculator if you want to go deeper.

DeckHub - Deck Builder and Editor

There are two Deckbuilding tools on AetherHub, one is accessible without logging in and is a pure visual deck builder where you can easily and quickly add cards to a deck. The visuals are very similar to what you can find on MTG Arena, we call this the Deck Builder. Since it is fully usable without logging in your deck will be stored in your browsers Local Storage and loaded every time you visit the page. The deck builder can also import decks from other sites by using URL Importing. This deckbuilder is optimized for desktops but also works on smaller viewports.

The Deck Editor is only accessible with an AetherHub user account by being logged in to the site. It features a more traditional MTG deck builder using a table list of all cards in the deck. You add cards by typing the names in and an autocomplete option will help you finish the card name. If you have selected Standard or MTG Arena as a format it will only autocomplete with cards the cards available in those formats. We have also added hotkeys for adding multiple cards of the last card added by using the Numpad + on the keyboard. A visual search engine like in the deck builder is also available when clicking on the Advanced Search button.

The MetaHub

This part of the website is for the tournament Metagame, it is where we post all metagame and tournament lists. We aim to only include relevant meta lists and not decklists from low tier tournaments or MTG Online Leagues unless it is early after a rotation. All formats except for Brawl and Commander are sourced lists imported to our AetherHub account, these lists do not show up in the DeckHub. Since Brawl and Commander do not have any competitive tournaments yet these meta lists are only the summary of User posted decks the last months.

The metagame summaries groups similar decks together based on main deck content there are different builds of the same archetypes and we want to keep them separate if they are different enough. We believe this is the right way to do it and not just group them together based on names. Right after rotation, there tend to be more groups, then after some time, they merge together as new versions appear using the best cards of both groups.

The Recent Events displays all decks organized by the latest major tournament results, these results are sourced from all over the MTG community and give you a full overview of the competitive meta. During bans or rotations, our legality checker will automatically mark illegal decks with a red robot icon to show you that this deck cannot be used anymore.

Lastly, the Meta Statistics shows a breakdown of the most popular cards, archetypes, and colors the last months divided by format.

Database - Articles, Sets, Spoilers, Guides and Documentation

The Article Archive is where you can find older archived articles not found on the frontpage any longer.

Our Set database contains all sets released in Magic: The Gathering and you can browse and search through them and get a neat visual list of all cards they contain with price listings. The setlist starts with the newest and goes down to the beginning of MTG, the Alpha set.

The Spoiler section is only active during a spoiler season for a new set or product, we only post officially spoiled cards and do not post leaked images in our spoiler section. During spoiler season the latest cards will also be displayed on the front page with a link to the spoiler section.

The guides section is where you can find useful guides for MTG and MTG Arena in general.

The documentation pages are what you are reading now, we expand and delve deeper on website functionality here, this is also where you can find tools and information you can use on your own projects as a web developer or content creator.

Database - Limited Ratings

The limited ratings are a collection of ratings and comments given by Luis-Scott Vargas on Channel Fireball with each new set release. These ratings describe how good each card and how high you should pick them in regards to a first pick. clicking a card will bring up the comments. These ratings are not adjusted after initially rated and with time they get out of date as people adapt their strategies and find new draft synergies. Basic filters and sorting options are available.


The collection system is made for managing your card collection. Aimed mostly at physical collections but also with support for digital MTG Online and Arena support. We work together with the Helvault card scanner to provide an easy way to import your collection and also have support for other collection systems.

We use a unique system where you can have multiple collections. Depending on your needs this might be useful if you want to have one collection available for the public to look at and another on set to private. However you want to organize we give you the option, all users get access to one collection for free. Additional ones can be purchased standalone one by one or by using a Premium subscription.

Binders help you organize your collection and is also great for collectors that collects specific cards to organize and display their collection. Make a binder for your foil collection, organize your set collections by set names or use binders to hold your cards for trade. Use the binders just as you would in real life, to organize and to show off your cards. Deleting binders or removing cards from binders will not affect the card quantity in your collection. Binders is a way of showing and displaying your collection. Cards in the binder is just a representation of your Collection, card can therefore exist in multiple binders and is mapped to the same card in your collection.

With our collection system, you get an easy to use interface, the option to share your collection with others as any public collections/binders are made available from your user profile. Keeping track of the value of your collection in both dollars and euro is easy as we get prices from both TCGplayer and CardMarket. We understand that players do not always want to subscribe to a premium service so we have made it possible to purchase premium functions separately by paying a one time fee.


Tourney Hub makes it easy to create and manage Magic The Gathering tournaments, be it a home tournament or a event at a big venue. The system supports over 4.000 players in the same tournament. We automatically calculate pairings and standings for Swiss tournaments and present round pairings and standings in a easy to read table.

By creating a Public tourney players can join tournaments themselves by joining via a link, they can look at pairings and standings live during the tournament. Included is also support for chat, where players can exchange information like game information for MTG Arena Direct Challenge or report scores on their table. We also have options for running the tourney locally with one Tourney organizer inputting all player data.

Player names and DCI are stored, an autocomplete will help you fill in names the next time the same player enters the tournament. If the tourney is public, players can provide names and DCI themselves when they sign up. All sign-ups needs to be manually approved by Tourney Organizer before starting the tournament.

If you run events on a regular basis and want to look at stats spanning over multiple tournaments you might want to look at statistics and standings spanning all of them. You can do this by grouping them together with leagues!

All tourney functions are completely free and enables you to run tourneys easily with platforms like

  • Icon for detecting if player has the tournament page open
  • Game display name input for MTG Arena/MTG Online
  • Chat system on/off toggling
  • Deck Submissions with legality checker
  • Advanced auto pairing system with option for manual pairings
  • User result submissions

Market - Price Changes

The price changes overview gives you a list of the biggest changes per format in regards to the latest price changes. This only shows the biggest gainers and losers the last day. If you want to look at a specific card you need to use the card search on top of the web page. Clicking any card will bring up the price graph modal for making you able to see the historic value for the card. The Price changes tracks both TCGplayer and Cardmarket.

Market - Visual and Text Price List

The Visual and Text price lists are designed to get a quick and easy overview of the US dollar and Euro price of all cards in a set. Select any set from the drop-down menu and browse all the prices wither in visual or text mode. Clicking a card brings up the historic pricing data.

Apps - Deck Converter

The deck converter is a tool for quickly converting a text decklist into an MTG Arena decklist, no login required. Just paste a decklist and convert it. It also includes a Clean Up tool that fixes some syntax and removes certain unusable characters without corrupting the decklist. For a quick import of the decklist you have to be logged in, this tool is also available under the DeckHub, My Decks.

Apps - Draft Sensei

The draft sensei is designed to help you improve as a limited player, using the ratings from Luis-Scott Vargas you select one or more sets to practice with. You then rate 20 cards presented to you and receive a score based on how good you did. All questions are accompanied by comments from Luis. You can go through all the cards and commments while the quiz is running.

Apps - MTG Life

MtgLife is a webapp developed by for easy management of your MTG life totals designed to work both online and offline on all devices. It can be downloaded to your smartphone as an offline app.

It is especially good for multiplayer games like Commander with multiple life pools. Players join a game room and can control the same gamestate which is synchronized between everybody. Display the gamestate on a big monitor like a TV while controlling the gamestate from your phones. Get a good overview of commander damage done on all players, let players draining life from multiple players handle all the manual labor they are causing.

Apps - HyperGeo Calc

The hypergeometric MTG calculator can describe the likelihood of any number of successes when drawing from a deck of Magic cards. It takes into account the fact that each draw decreases the size of your library by one, and therefore the probability of success changes on each draw.

Apps - Twitch Extension DeckHub

This Twitch extension enables users to display a deck in a video overlay to their users. The deck is selected by clicking the Twitch icon on your own or any public decks on You can also use a bot to link in your chat to your currently played deck by using this URL:

To enable this extension you have to link your Twitch profile to your Aetherhub user by pasting the extension key into your Aetherhub Profile.

Apps - Twitch Extension DeckHub Panel

This Twitch extension enables users to display your latest Aetherhub decks in a Twitch Panel below your stream.

To enable this extension you have to link your Twitch profile to your Aetherhub user by pasting the extension key into your Aetherhub Profile.


Under the community tab you can find our Community Team Aether and a link to our Discord Server and Streaming Team. We are a big community all interested in Magic the Gathering, the devs of the site are easy to reach in the Discord server. Also, check the benefits of joining the streaming team or content creator program.

Under the Community tab you will also find lists of our top content creators and users that contributes the most on the sites based on a leveling system.

Social Tools

AetherHub has a lot of social features that help you keep up to date with what your friends and favorite content creators do. By visiting a user's profile page and following or clicking the follow button on any of their content you will be notified whenever they create new public content on the site by a notification bell on the top right of the page when you are logged in.

This notification bell will also notify you whenever someone comments on your content as well or follows you. To see all of your followers and who you follow click on the number that is displaying the amount of follows/followers.

The leveling system on AetherHub shows how many social interactions a person has done or recieved, this is a fun incentive to comment, like, create tourneys and articles on the site.