Deck Hub

The DeckHub has multiple filters and all of these can be used in the URL field. Here are some examples of how to structure an URL:

Finds all decks in Modern containing the cards Opt and Island

Find all decks in Standard with tag Aggro, that contains red and was updated the last month

Parameter Options Description
/{Formatname}/ Standard-BO1 / Brawl / Commander / Historic-BO1 / Legacy / Limited / Modern / MTGA-Events / Other / Pauper / Traditional-Historic / Traditional-Standard / Vintage Filters selected Format, if you leave this blank it will default to the last format selected by looking at a cookie. If you do not have this cookie it defaults to Standard.
cards {cardname} Filters decks with up to three card names. Use | as a separator for multiple cards ex: shock|mountain|goblin guide
com {cardname} Filters all decks with specified Commander, also works with Brawl
updated week / month / all-time Specify the time range the decks were created
user {user or deckname} Filters all decks with either name or deckname equals to specified parameter
tag 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Filters decks that contains selected tags. 0 = Aggro / 1 = Midrange / 2 = Control / 3 = Combo / 4 = Jank
color White / Blue / Black / Red / Green Filters decks with only specified color(s)
op true / false Works in tandem with color parameter. True filters all decks containing specified color(s). If not defined it defaults to false which only filters decks that have specified color(s)