Arena Standard - MR Artifacts Zero Wildcard DMU Standard

23 15 0 22
Main 60 cards (14 distinct)
Creature (23)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (15)
Land (22)

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This is a Budget Grinder list, which can be built with Zero Wildcards, from simple drafting of (Primarily) the KND set. It draws heavily from the 2023 NPE collection. It is a starting point, and as a Mono-Red deck, card selections are highly flexible and will easily adjust to your collection. I am particulary excited to see how this deck list shifts with the rapidly approaching Brother's War and it's anticipated Artifact focus.

{{Patchwork Automaton}}

This is the cornerstone of the deck, which is all in on maximizing the value which it can generate. The growing threat, and early ward protection makes this a great Budget Build Around. I can't tell you how many people habe scooped to a second copy coming down on turn 3!

 {{Voltage Surge}}

When it comes to removal, Red always has a lot of premium options. Voltage Surge is in the list because of clear synergy with the Artifact centered build I'm presenting. [[Play with Fire]] and [[Lightning Strike]] are premium choices as they can target your opponent as well as their creatures.


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Last Updated: 25 Oct 2022
Created: 25 Oct 2022
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