Arena Standard - Jund Turn 3 Kills

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  • Deck contains 5 invalid cards for this format: Dragonskull Summit (XLN), Rootbound Crag (XLN), Wanted Scoundrels (XLN), Buccaneer's Bravado (RIX), Thud (M19)
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Not really a competitive deck, but thought it was funny you can get Turn 3 kills in standard, so it's designed to maximize the statistical likelihood of a turn 3 kill. I pulled it off once at the event, so it can happen but you often just come frustratingly close lol. =)

Here's how to do it:

T1: shock the opponent. This step is unnecessary if you're playing [[dreadhorde butcher]] next turn, in which case you could cast [[duress]] to discard any removal from your opponent.

T2: Play either [[Dreadhorde Arcanist]] or [[Dreadhorde Butcher]] (attack if playing the butcher).

T3(a): If using [[Dreadhorde Arcanist]], cast a 4 power pump spell (either collision or [[titanic growth]]). Attack and flash back the pump spell to hit for 9 damage. Cast [[Thud]] to have dealt 20 damage by turn 3

T3(b):If using [[Dreadhorde Butcher]], cast a 4 power pump spell and attack for 6. The butcher will get a counter and go to 7 power. Cast [[Thud]] dealing 7 damage, and then the [[dreadhorde butcher]] trigger will deal an additional 7 damage for a total of 21 damage by turn 3.



I also added [[wanted scoundrels]] as a third threat that can get a kill on turn three. Usually your opponent needs to help with some shocklands to get you there with a [[buccaneer's bravado]] and a 4 mana pump spell for 16 damage or something, but you can get there for a fresh 20 with double [[giant growth]] and a [[thud]]. Like I said, not a competitive deck, but certainly one for dreamers lol.


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You optimized what? Wanted Scoundrels...really? vs a moltitude of red and esper decks? Don't post this s..t please and turn back to magic academy.
I really like the addition of wanted scoundrels. I've been using Deeproot Champion but having a pre made big body at 2 mana is a great call.
Of course! I'm so honored, thank you! =D It's only a theorycraft right now, so I'll be sure to update it with a more effective list after the event XD
Hope you dont mind me featuring this is a site article :)
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