Gaea's Wheelchair Ramp


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Hello all! I've updated the deck to remove rotating cards and include some new GRN cards, have some fun!

The goal of this deck is, you guessed it, to ramp! Our primary colors are G/U/B with splashes of R/W

General Idea:

[[Gaea's Blessing]] and [[Discovery]] / [[Notion Rain]] make it so we can repeatedly shuffle our graveyard into our library.

[[The Immortal Sun]] controls strong planeswalkers like [[Teferi, Hero of Dominaria]] and lets you draw an extra card each turn.

Board wipes galore against go wide decks through [[Deafening Clarion]], [[Cleansing Nova]], and [[Star of Extinction]]. [[Vraska's Contempt]] and [[Assassin's Trophy]] kill any single threats we need to get rid of.

[[Banefire]] and [[Carnage Tyrant]] are our finishers against Ux Control. 

Strong Against:

This deck is particularly strong against Dimir and Golgari because of our lifegain and wipes, we should usually out-value them. 

Weak Against:

This deck is only as weak as its' draws. It's made to be as wide as it can go in order to deal with any threats in Standard. Jeskai and Burn/Counterburn can be kind of rough though.


  • Infinitely recyled deck from Gaea's Blessing + Notion Rain/Discovery
  • Beat down with our big ol' bois!
  • Banefire

Mulligan Guide:

Ideal starting hand #1 (full ramp):

  • At least 3 lands (one Forest)
  • 1-2 Gift of Paradise
  • 1-2 Grow From the Ashes

With this hand, it's possible to get up to 12 mana by turn 5 (if you draw your second Paradise/Grow, 9 mana if you don't). This includes life gain through Paradise which is good against non-control decks and Thaumatic Compass stops a creature from bumping your face. Ideally you'll draw a draw source (The Immortal Sun/Notion Rain) or, if needed, removal (Sweepers/Vraska's/Trophy) and from the draws get value cards for the board like Carnage Tyrant or Zacama, Primal Calamity.

Ideal starting hand #2 (removal/ramp mix):

  • At least 3 lands (one Forest)
  • At least 1 Gift of Paradise or Chromatic Lantern
  • Vraska's Contempt/Trophy
  • Cleansing Nova/Deafening Clarion

Paradise allows for early double devotion spells (double black, red, etc) like Vraska's Contempt/Cleansing Nova. Chromatic Lantern can fix mana needed to cast anything.

Now because variance is a thing, these hands may or may not be something that you get in your starting hands/mulligans. Sometimes RNG will screw you. To make the best out of your hands, try to have a hand that includes USABLE early ramp (Paradise is best), early removal, and/or card draw.

The biggest general tip I can give you is: ALMOST NEVER MULLIGAN BELOW FIVE CARDSThe statistical likelyhood of getting anything after mulling that low is abysmal and you're more likely to win with a mull-to-5 5 land mulligan than you are if you go any lower than that. 


  • 55 games, 65% winrate (as of 10/08/18)
  • The Sideboard cards has some meme cards except for [[Remorseful Cleric]] and [[Ixalan's Binding]]
  • Video Example of the deck in action (in case the video above doesn't show up)
  • I've moved the Changelog to a Pastebin to help declutter the deck description
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Last Updated: 11 Oct 2018
Created: 23 Jun 2018
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I just played a friendly neighborhood mirror match against one of you! Elifax that was such weird game for me lol. I hope to see more of my deck!
Thanks for the feedback everyone, I appreciate it! The deck is definitely janky (and is tagged as so), but it's made to battle the meta which hasn't quite settled down yet. I'll be tweaking as needed once we figure out what the best decks in the format are.
Fun deck.
First game: Banefired the bajeezus out of some poor sod playing a U/G mer, deck.
I love the deck man. I love that you keep it fresh. For those complaining that it doesn't win frequently enough.. I'd say to read his guide on how to mulligan this deck, and then I'd tell you that I agree.. it doesn't win enough. But it is an absolute RIOT to play and pull off big win cons!
Not sure if not playing the deck correctly, but this thing regularly gets stomped in constructed. It feels like it basically NEEDS to get a certain few cards or you lose. You didn't draw Gift of Paradise or Lantern? You lose. You didn't draw a board-wipe spell? You lose. You didn't draw at least 3 mana to get to Lantern/Paradise in time? Any of those spells get countered? You lose.

Just seems like the conditions to get this deck rolling are SO tight that it's not really worth running.
This deck is a proof this whole game is bullshit and worthless.
It might be the funnier and most elaborate deck i've seen and played, big GG to you he's the only reason i keep play, but the mulligan in this game is so stupid, you can loose 3 game in a row because you mulligan till you have 3 cards left and yet only one land, not mentioning the deck in the meta nowadays are 80 mono red or mono green who fuck you so hard, mono red kill you on turn 4 WHATEVER starting hand he got
I'd personally would cut 1 vraska for it.
Fun deck to play with. I did run into a fog mill deck one game and it went on forever though. Both of us were running Gaea's blessing and our decks went down to the last cards. They were also gaining life with four Fountain of Renewals early in the game. The reason it took so long was because Banefire was near the bottom, and so was Mastermind's Acquisition. Way too much life to try and get rid of at that point. They were milling themselves to get what they need. GL if you run into that.
Encountered a mill deck today. Smiles all around.
fun deck, been enjoying playing with it, a mulligan guide would be much appreciated though! thx again :)
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