Gaea's Wheelchair Ramp

MTG Arena

5 30 0 25

Mainboard - 60 cards (38 distinct)

2 Carnage Tyrant
2 Sifter Wurm
1 Zacama, Primal Calamity
1 Primal Amulet
1 Thaumatic Compass
1 Star of Extinction
1 Vraska's Contempt
2 Glimmer of Genius
1 Lost Legacy
2 Struggle
2 Hour of Devastation
2 Strategic Planning
1 Planar Bridge
1 Sandwurm Convergence
2 Sweltering Suns
1 The Immortal Sun
1 Mastermind's Acquisition
2 Grow from the Ashes
2 Gaea's Blessing
1 Banefire
1 Omniscience
1 Nexus of Fate
3 Gift of Paradise
1 Sarkhan's Unsealing
1 Dragonskull Summit
1 Field of Ruin
1 Rootbound Crag
1 Sunpetal Grove
1 Plains
3 Island
2 Swamp
6 Forest
1 Hashep Oasis
1 Arch of Orazca
1 Hinterland Harbor
1 Sulfur Falls
4 Mountain
1 Woodland Cemetery

Sideboard - 11 cards (11 distinct)

1 Ixalan's Binding
1 Boneyard Parley
1 Creeping Mold
1 Hour of Revelation
1 Overwhelming Splendor
1 Torment of Hailfire
1 Bontu's Last Reckoning
1 Lay Claim
1 Dispossess
1 Approach of the Second Sun
1 Haze of Pollen

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Hello all! This is a new version of the 5C Ramp Deck that I posted here around Dom launch. Now the deck has another win condition: Infinitely Recycled Deck! Gaea's blessing and Strategic Planning make it so we can continually shuffle our graveyard into our library repeatedly.

The goal of this deck is, you guessed it, to ramp! Our primary colors are G/R with splashes of U/B/W.


General Idea:

The general idea of the deck is: 

The Immortal Sun controls Chandra, Torch of Defiance/Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and lets you draw an extra card each turn. 

Planar Bridge fetches any important permanents for us such as Omniscience or Sandwurm Convergence

Board wipes galore against go wide decks through Sweltering Suns, Hour of Devastation, Star of Extinction, and playing any of our creatures with Sarkhan's Unsealing on the board. Struggle // Survive kills any large body that is less than or equal to our land count.

Banefire and Carnage Tyrant are our finishers against Ux Control. 


Strong Against:

This deck is fairly strong against most meta decks such as: RB Aggro, RDW, Ux Control. We have lots of early to late removal, with Struggle // Survive making it possible to kill almost anything if we have enough lands and shuffle away gods so that they can't return to your opp's hand (so that we can later grab them with Lost Legacy).


Weak Against:

This deck is not great against U/W Approach because Appoach is an early win the game card and most of our deck is for late. But if you can manage to get Lost Legacy off to grab all their Approach's and have The Immortal Sun on board to stop Teferi from being a big meany, you win the game. Easier said than done.



  • Infinitely recyled deck from Gaea's Blessing + Strategic Planning
  • Sandwurm Convergence (cuz lol)
  • Banefire
  • Beat down with our big ol' bois!
  • Torment of Hailfire (sideboard)
  • Approach of the Second Sun (sideboard)


Mulligan Guide:

So I'm not entirely sure what the best way to do this is, but here goes nothin'!

Ideal starting hand #1 (full ramp):

  • At least 3 lands (one Forest)
  • 1-2 Gift of Paradise
  • 1-2 Grow From the Ashes
  • 1 Thaumatic Compass

With this hand, it's possible to get up to 12 mana by turn 5 (if you draw your second Paradise/Grow, 9 mana if you don't). This includes life gain through Paradise which is good against non-control decks and Thaumatic Compass stops a creature from bumping your face. Ideally you'll draw a draw source (The Immortal Sun/Glimmer of Genius) or, if needed, removal (Sweepers/Vraska's/Struggle) and from the draws get value cards for the board like Carnage Tyrant or Zacama, Primal Calamity.

Ideal starting hand #2 (removal/ramp mix):

  • At least 3 lands (one Forest)
  • At least 1 Gift of Paradise
  • Vraska's Contempt/Struggle
  • Hour of Devastation/Sweltering Suns

Paradise allows for early double devotion spells (double black, red, etc) like Vraska's Contempt/Hour of Devastation/Sweltering Suns.

Now because variance is a thing, these hands may or may not be something that you get in your starting hands/mulligans. Sometimes RNG will screw you. To make the best out of your hands, try to have a hand that includes early ramp (Paradise is best), and at least a single removal spell. I've lived long enough to cast Star of Exctinction that was my only removal in hand at start because of the sheer value from Paradise.

If you've been screwed by your starting/mulligan, it's possible that you got an Island and a blue draw spell (Strategic Planning/Glimmer of Genius). This isn't the greatest hand you could've received, but at least you might be able to draw out of it. If you're feeling confident, you could possibly keep a hand like this. I've done it before and won, but it's ultimately up to RNG whether you draw anything worthwhile.

The bigges tip I can give you (as a general mulliganing tip) is: ALMOST NEVER MULLIGAN BELOW FIVE CARDS. The statistical likelyhood of getting anything after mulling that low is abysmal and you're more likely to win with a mull-to-5 5 land mulligan than you are if you go any lower than that.

I've never written one of these before, so hopefully it's what people are looking for! Let me know if I should add or remove anything in particular.



  • You might be inclined to add Lightning Strikes, and I kinda agree with you. Maybe sideboard? No, removal is currently very good.
  • When M19 comes out, I'll most likely be trying to fit Omniscience into the deck somehow. Done.
  • Maybe room for Pelakka instead of Sifter, but I think Sifter is better overall.
  • Maybe Banefire is good, maybe it's bad, but Nexus of Fate sure is my dad. (Edit: Banefire has won me a few games against Ux control, is very good)

Video Example of the deck in action.


Edit (06/28/18):

  • (Sideboard) Removed Crook of Condemnation, added Creeping Mold
  • Slight changes to mana base

Edit (07/05/18):

  • Minor changes between sideboard and mainboard
  • Started to think about making room for Omniscience and probably that new 3T draw a card artifact.

Edit (07/13/18):

  • Added Omniscience, Nexus of Fate, and Banefire
  • Removed 1x Gaea's and 1x Strategic Planning
  • Moved 1x Lost Legacy to Sideboard
  • With the influx of rare wildcards, I've been able to craft more of the rare lands that I've needed and cut the others that aren't.

Edit (07/15/18):

  • Replaced 1x Spring // Mind with 1x Sarkhan's Unsealing. Now there are 5 extra pseudo-board wipes.
  • Removed Reliquary Tower and added 1x Forest

Edit (07/17/18):

  • Updated description and re-added Boneyard Parley to the sideboard. For the memes, of course!

Edit (07/20/18):

  • Removed 1x Sulfur Falls, 1x Rootbound Crag
  • Added 2x Woodland Cemetary (because we're most likely to have green basics) Reversed, added 1x Forest and 1x Mountain to replace.

Edit (07/22/18):

  • Added 1x Bontu's Last Reckoning and 1x Vraska's Contempt to the sideboard to deal with creatures that have more than 20 health.
  • Removed 1x Violent Impact from the sideboard due to it being redundant with Creeping Mold.

Edit (07/25/18):

Note: This is a big mana base update, I've been messing around with the mana base in order to include Vraska's Contempt in the mainboard and to make our mana a bit more reliable. In my testing it's been more reliable than before to get each color needed, though variance is still always a thing so *shrug*.

Nonland Changes:

  • Removed: 1x Spring // Mind, 1x Struggle // Survive
  • Added: 2x Vraska's Contempt to Mainboard. 1x Overwhelming Splendor (memes) and Hour of Revelation (mostly for Lich's Mastery) to Sideboard

Land Changes:

  • Removed: 1x Plains, Mountain, Forest, Rootbound Crag, Sulfur Falls
  • Added: 2x Swamp, 1x Dragonskull Summit, Woodland Cemetary, Sunpetal Grove

Edit (07/30/18):

  • (Sideboard) Added Disposess to deal with GPG and infinite artifact decks like Aetherflux Resevoir

Edit (07/31/18):

  • At the request of a few people, I've added a Mulligan Guide section. I've never written one before, so hopefully it's what people are looking for!

Edit (08/04/18):

  • Removed 1x Vraska's Contempt from Mainboard
  • Moved 1x Lost Legacy from Sideboard to Mainboard (this is to help with picking out key cards from your opponent's deck without the chance of Mastermind's Acquisition getting countered)
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Last Updated: 05 Aug 2018
Created: 23 Jun 2018
13 9933

Mana Curve and Color Breakdown
Main/Sideboard Rarity Count
4 13 19 8 0
1 3 5 2 0
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I'd personally would cut 1 vraska for it.
I hear you on that one Viking.Stat. I'm considering re-adding Lost Legacy to the mainboard to ruin things like other Gaea's decks and possibly being able to do something about Approach without Mastermind's. I don't know what exactly I'd cut for it, but it's definitely a possible re-addition.
Fun deck to play with. I did run into a fog mill deck one game and it went on forever though. Both of us were running Gaea's blessing and our decks went down to the last cards. They were also gaining life with four Fountain of Renewals early in the game. The reason it took so long was because Banefire was near the bottom, and so was Mastermind's Acquisition. Way too much life to try and get rid of at that point. They were milling themselves to get what they need. GL if you run into that.
Encountered a mill deck today. Smiles all around.
fun deck, been enjoying playing with it, a mulligan guide would be much appreciated though! thx again :)
Could you write up a section on Mulligan strategy?
For the memes!
Mill is definitely one of the funniest match-ups for any Gaea's deck lol
I just played my first game against a mill deck with this deck. It was hilarious.
Gaea's Blessing brings things back from the graveyard and Planar Bridge will fetch them (in reference to playing permanents).
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