Arena Standard - Rakombie 3.0

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Blakeizen's Rakombie (Rakdos Zombies)

Rule #1? Cardio.

Hello Spellslingers! Blakeizen here with the weekly Saturday build for you. Check out the game play on YouTube- Blakeizen's Rakombie. The video showcases the deck in action, with some game play commentary for those interested in picking it up! Today is a list I played fairly heavily last season, up to about Diamond 4. I love playing Zombies, and this current version does a great job of putting pressure on your opponent, and closing a game out with it's reach, or Graveyard recursion. Introducing, Rakdos Zombies!

{{Dreadhorde Butcher}}{{Death Baron}}{{Liliana, Untouched by Death}}

As an Aggro deck, this deck has a lot of things working with each other to apply consistent pressure and to maintain that momentum with it's card advantage. We're running 7 cards that buff all of our creatures, and the deck we play actually has a fair amount of reach, so let's get started.

[[Dreadhorde Butcher]] is the all-star of the deck. When this guy gets started on 2, sometimes he will just run away with a game all on his own. His death effect benefits from both [[Death Baron]] and [[Judith, the Scourge Diva]] being on board. One super important interaction that comes up versus some of these fat bodied Gruul decks running around, is that when your [[Dreadhorde Butcher]] dies, and you have [[Death Baron]] on board, that damage will apply the Deathtouch given to him by our Zombie lord and saviour. 

[[Lazotep Reaver]] is the next MVP. This is a super important card in the RDW match up (you never run into that deck though, right?) creating an extra body for a blocker to trade, or to stop early/easy spectacle activations. Very important that we gain the extra creature, since it gets stronger via [[Death Baron]] and [[Judith, the Scourge Diva]]. Also something you need to be careful of when learning the deck is that Judith and [[Midnight Reaper]] only trigger off of non-token creatures, so if you're looking to force a block to gain some card advantage or ping damage, don't send the token in. 

[[Midnight Reaper]] will be the next card to carry you straight to victory in some games. Oh yeah, he's a zombie! Gaining the [[Death Baron]] buff makes this guy super hard to deal with, and as usual, you can use him to either catch up, or stay ahead on cards. One of the main decisions to make when playing Rakombie is which 3-drop do you want to put down. If you expect a board clear, or need to draw into an out it's this guy. If you want to pressure life totals, it's the other guys. 

[[Liliana, Untouched by Death]] is an absolute unit. She allows us a separate win condition than attacking face with our Zombies through her +1, her -2 can clear the way for a Victory, and her -3 let's us offer trades and come back from a [[Kaya's Wrath]] all on her own. This Planeswalker really shines in a Zombies shell. She's super flexible, and valuable in both Aggro and Control matchups. 

Now, one thing we have to mention is [[Gutterbones]] is not a Zombie. He's more like the best friend that comes over all the time, and eats all the food. He basically lives here, he's just not blood. He's not the [[Gravecrawler]] we deserve, but he still puts in work and gains benefit from [[Death Baron]] being down. He's a solid 1-drop that gives us staying power, especially when we're smacking the opponent on a stale board with [[Liliana, Untouched by Death]]'s +1.

Your removal suite is also fairly flexible. Right now we have some number of [[Duress]], [[Angrath's Rampage]], and [[Lightning Strike]], but if you're running into more Control, bring in more [[Duress]]. If you're seeing more Gruul, replace with [[Lava Coil]], and if you're seeng Planeswalker piles, [[The Elderspell]] and [[Angrath's Rampage]] are clutch.


I'll be streaming this tonight at 9:30PM Est with a focus on climbing in Bo1, and if anyone is interested, I will explain sideboarding plans. Help me out by checking out the YouTube video, and leaving me some feedback! I'm looking to make some friends that want to play and chat about MTG late night so come hang out or add me on Discord!

About Blakeizen

Sales consultant and father of 3! I was an avid player and deckbuilder in Nashville some time ago, and am returning to my all time favorite game now that MTG Arena has made the hobby accessible to me once more.

Add me on Discord! Blakeizen#8657. I would love to get some games in, make friends, and discuss MTG!


Currently we're doing 1 YouTube Deck Tech weekly with real thought and testing put into each deck. 

Here's the YouTube: Blakeizen, and here's the Twitch:

Streaming 9:30 PM EST to 2:30 AM EST Saturday - Thursday! I'm always building and helping everyone with their builds. It's pretty relaxed, you should come!

Last Updated: 19 Jun 2019
Created: 08 Jun 2019
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Thanks! I played some Bo1 with it on YouTube if you want to check that out! I do 1 write up every Saturday. Let me know what you think of them!
Good writeup my dude - seems interesting. I'll give it a try!