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Why the Mythic Championship's are the Greatest Weeks in Sports

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By: Gapollard1 - 14 Oct 2019

The Greatest Sports Moment of the Year

It’s a beatiful fall afternoon in North Carolina, the temperature is dropping, the leaves are turning, and across the nation a palpable energetic buzz is tentatively growing more and more effervescent. Is this some sort of strange natural phenomenon some are wondering?  Am I just hearing things question others? Well the answer is none of the above. This buzz is coming from one thing and one thing only, the excitement of Mythic Championship V.

 If I had to rank the greatest sports weeks of the year it would go like this:

              5) The Masters

              4) The opening weekend of March Madness

              3) The World Series

              2) Superbowl Week

              1) (By a mile) the week of a Mythic Championship

Throughout the history of this world, nothing has brought people together quite like a good competition. There is nothing we love more than the most elite competitors facing each other down, mono e mono, with incredibly high stakes on the line. Every play a life changing decision, every mouse click a potential $75,000 mistake. Wether you are a young kid looking up to the mighty MPL members hoping one day you will get to play on the grand stage, or if you are a competitive player who just missed out on the tourney, the Mythic Championships enthrall all. 

If you watch the hype video above, and you are not setting a countdown clock on your phone till the opening shuffles on Friday, you are not human!! The history, the pageantry, the intensity, it all comes to a head for one glorious weekend! Which stars will shine on the biggest stage, and which ones will see their spark wisp away, their chance for glory fleeting until Mythic Championship VI? Will Golos reign supreme as he has the last few weeks, or will we see an upstart deck take the world by storm? Will there be a secret deck, like the Kethis combo, making a debut before our eyes? Will the meta as we know it change forever as a result of this competition? Will an MPL player assert his dominance or will the champion have won his way into the competition through other methods?

To get the answers to all these questions and more, there is only one place to go: The Mythic Rare Podcast. Thursday we will have the ultimate pre-tourney show, with incredible insight and analysis into deck lists and players. We will also give predictions, set handicap lines, and provide recommendations to how Wizards can improve upon an already stellar product. You won’t want to miss it!

After the championship, we will also provide the best post-tourney analysis on the internet, with some special guests who are involved with the broadcast! 


Thanks for tuning in, and you can follow us on twitter @MythicRarePod! (https://twitter.com/MythicRarePod)

Check out previous episodes here: https://soundcloud.com/user-81230339


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