Articles / Top decks to try out in the War of the Spark Streamer Event
Top decks to try out in the War of the Spark Streamer Event
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By: andreliverod - 22 Apr 2019

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The event is approaching, you might be streaming or watching your favorite streamer play. Here is a collection both of some competitive, fun, interesting and janky brews to try out. Thoughts and more suggestions are welcome in the comment section!

Decks with potential

 A lot of thought and care has gone into building these decks, some are taken from lists found around the web, they might not necessarily be at the top but is well thought out and have a clear game plan. 

{{Teferi, Time Raveler}}
getyhgfs Take on the new UW Control, with a detailed explanation of card choices

{{Cruel Celebrant}}
We all want to see an Aristocrat deck where you win games by sacrificing your own creatures to drain down your opponent. Have a look at Mardu Aristocrats and Orzhov Aristocrats 

{{Prime Speaker Vannifar}}
This build around the Elf Ooze Wizard looks really interesting and the writeup goes into great detail about the card selection: Temur Pod

{{Arclight Phoenix}}
Izzet Phoenix has several ways to go with WAR, here is an Aggro version, and a more conservative version 

For fun decks

Admit it, with access to all cards in the game and unique event that promotes fun, this is where most of us will spend their time. Equip yourself with something with one of these and enjoy the ride.

{{Dreadhorde Arcanist}}
Euginides7 is going to try to finish you off in three turns with his Jund T3 Kills

{{Saheeli, Sublime Artificer}}
LauraGambler has a great writeup on a new deck focused around the new Saheeli Planeswalker called Saheeli's Explosion

{{Biogenic Ooze}} 
vMorfinv presents a new build around with WAR cards for our favorite Ooze with the deck Simic Oooze

{{Vivien, Champion of the Wilds}}
KingPiloswine is trying using Vivien to flash in some big nasty stuff combined with Wilderness Reclamation with his deck Flash Big Creatures

{{Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God}}
If you lean more towards the dark side like vodkacrusader, check out the New Bolas War

{{Dreadhorde Invasion}}
This interesting build of a Zombie army lead by Merfolk Wizard looks really appealing and has a neat guide too: Dimir Diver Duo

{{Roalesk, Apex Hybrid}}
zaffre's Simic Wilderness Proliferation looks to proliferating Planeswalkers. A great opportunity to play with the new walkers!



It's awesome that you submitted my deck :] thanks man. As soon as I saw Vivien I thought memes with simic accendency and that's how I brewed that spicy meatball
Heya! Would you mind updating the link to my deck's newest version? I think it's significantly stronger than before.
New Bolas War looks like a lot of fun! Can't wait to try that out!
Those are really cool deck ideas, indeed.
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