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Simic Flashy Midrange
14 days ago
A midrange deck that built up around synergy with Wilderness Reclamation.   What this deck hates is fast agro, flyers and Teferi, Time Raveler. Agro problem is solvable after sideboarding. But trust me, you want to get rid of Teferi asap, as he slows your deck drasticly. Negate and Trash should...
Rakdos Agro
15 days ago
Finale of Gates
Arena Standard
28 days ago
My vision on an update to WAR set gate deck. Gate deck itself is targeted on getting lots of value by playing gates, and then use this mana to play massive finishers. Mainboard: Gatebreaker Ram - your main creature in the deck. Pumps up from gates, becoming a ridiculously huge in late game. Ga...
Esper Midrange
1 month ago
This is a midrange deck, which builds around filling a battlefield with bunch of tokens through playing multicolored spells and stealing opponent's cards.   Mainboard: Hero of Precinct One - one of the main cards in your deck. Will spawn your a lots of tokens for playing multicolored spells, w...