Mono-Black Storm In Timeless Is Amazing

Genoslugcs December 31, 2023 2 min
Mono-Black Storm In Timeless Is Amazing

Magic: The Gathering Arena recently added a new format called Timeless. The gist is that it's a nonrotating, 60-card Constructed format where you can use all cards available on the platform, including digital-only and future set releases. You can check out all the details here. Overall, a new format = new brews. So, today, I want to show off a spicy mono-black storm list. So, without further ado, let's get into it.

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Timeless Mono-Black Storm Combo

As the name implies, this is a storm list using Tendrils of Agonyimage as the wincon. To build up a storm count, the deck plays a plethora of cheap/free spells like Ornithopterimage and mana acceleration like Dark Ritualimage. Furthermore, it plays four copies ofNecropotenceimage to ensure it doesn't run out of things to cast.

First, let's check out the full deck list, and then I'll break down how exactly the deck works.

Mono-Black Storm Combo

Decklist By: DrafsGoneBad

How The Deck Works

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If you're unfamiliar with storm, it copies the card with the ability for each spell cast before it. So, if your opponent is at 20 life, you need nine spells, followed by a Tendrils to make 20 damage. Outside of storm shell, this would be a tall task. However, it's more than doable with proper mana, a draw engine, and enough low-mana spells.

Making Mana

If you're going to cast nine spells in one turn (assuming the opponent is at 20), you're going to need some mana. In the case of this build, that means playing four Dark Ritualimage, four Springleaf Drums, and four Phyrexian Towerimage alongside eight free or one mana creatures. These allow you to string spells together and drop your draw engine as early as possible.

Drawing Cards

Speaking of draw engines, it doesn't get much better than Necropotenceimage. Thanks to the mana acceleration mentioned above, you can get this out as early as turn one. Once you do, you're set up to draw a massive number of cards, ensuring that you'll have a steady supply of spells to cast.

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Storming Off

I know what you're thinking... There's no way I'm going to cast enough Ornithopterimage and Mishra's Buable to win the game. And you're right. What makes all this possible is the four copies of Beseech the Mirrorimage. The deck has plenty of cards to pay the bargain cost. For example, you can cast a mirror and sac a Necropotenceimage, Ornithopter, Bauble, or drum. And when you do, you can tutor for another Beseech the Mirrorimage, cast it for free, bargain it, grab a third copy, etc.

Not only does this get your storm count up for free, but you can tutor for your Tendrils of Agonyimage with the final copy. Having tutors in the deck means you don't always have to win in one fell swoop. If you draw an early Tendrils and have a decent storm count, don't hesitate to cast it if you get a storm count up.

Similarly, a playset of Orcish Bowmastersimage can also chip away at opposing life totals and make a storm win possible with a smaller count.


The Timeless meta is in its infancy and very much still developing. As of now, though, this list seems to be performing very well. So, if you are a mono-black player, a storm enthusiast, or have a taste for combo, this deck is for you. Comment below and let me know how you like it, what you're playing in Timeless, and how you like the new format. Until next time, take care and happy storming.


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