May 29 Banned and Restricted MTG Leak Is FAKE.

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Genoslugcs · May 24, 2023 · 1 min
May 29 Banned and Restricted MTG Leak Is FAKE.

Wizards of the Coast have been announcing significant changes to the Standard format. First, rotation was changed from every two years to every three. Then, they changed to a one-year ban system, where the vast majority of all bans happen will happen along with the Fall release. All of these changes culminated in a highly anticipated banned and restricted announcement set for May 29th, which was thought to have been leaked yesterday.

However, a few hours ago, it was proven that the banned and restricted leak was fake. A Reddit user has admitted to creating the fake list and even gave their reasoning for doing so. This makes the situation unique. Before we get into their fake list, admission of guilt, and the reason behind the ruse, I want to give one final disclaimer that the leaks below are 100% fake.


Admission Of Guilt For Faking The Leaks

It was suspected that the leaks might not be official when they started making their way around the internet. That has now been confirmed, and the culprit has surfaced and spoken out about what they did and why. You can see their post here:


Fake Banned And Restricted Leaks

Fable of the Mirror-Breaker


fable of the mirror breaker ban

Reckoner Bankbuster


bankbuster ban reasoning

...diversify the meta more. (Text was cut off.)

Atraxa, Grand Unifier


a paragraph explaining why atraza grand unifier was banned

Wedding Announcement


Wedding Announcement banned and restricted leak

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The Wandering Emperor


The Wandering Emperor

Invoke Despair


Invoke Despair

Raffine, Scheming Seer


raffine scheming seer

Plaza of Heroes


plaza of hereos ban

End Step

This is a fascinating set of circumstances - As the user said, the response to the fake bannings has been pretty overwhelmingly positive from what I've seen. So, this puts WOTC in an interesting spot if their bans are way different than these, which they probably will be. I don't think Wizards will change their actual bans to align with these, but you have to believe they'll consider the community's reaction in one way or another.


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Bankbuster and Fable are locks. They were in daily deals 2 days ago and mid day they disappeared from the shop. Thats a very strange thing to happen. Which tells us that WOTC doesn't wanna sell you a card style for a card getting banned in a week
@CR5Orca - Yeah, and it was for most people. Now we know for sure. I'm interested to see what Wizards will actually ban. The general consensus I hear is Bankbuster and Fable.
Every problem card in standard currently should have been the dead give away
Seems ok 👍
But mono red r_x wins ×6 in every t8 is going to suck
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