Bloomburrow Story Summary

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Bloomburrow Story Summary

We're about one month away from the release of the next MTG set Bloomburrow. We've started to see some spoilers, which you can check out here - Bloomburrow Set Information, Latest Updates, and Spoilers, along with other information. We've also gotten four parts of the Bloomburrow story, which is the topic of today's article.

I'll be taking the story articles put out by WOTC and condensing them down so players can get the gist of the story and lore for the set quickly and conveniently. So, far parts 1-4 have been released. In each part summary, I'll link to the full version should you want to check that out. So, without further ado, let's get started. 

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Bloomburrow Story Summary - Part 1



Helga, a frogfolk living in the village of Pondside, feels like a useless disappointment to those around her. She struggles to focus on tasks and longs to find her calling. One day, while sketching by the pond, she has a vision of a terrifying Calamity Beast, the Sun Hawk. Worried that the vision is real, she tries to warn the village elder, Iver, but he dismisses her as usual. Suddenly, the monstrous Night Owl appears in the sky and attacks Pondside. Helga flees in terror and ends up separated from the others. Lost and injured, she decides to head towards the nearest village to warn them of the danger.


Mabel, a mousefolk living in the village of Goodhill, is preparing for her birthday party when the mayor, Oliver, arrives. He tries to pressure her into showing a family heirloom, but Mabel politely deflects his requests. As the party preparations continue, a weasel named Jenefer rushes in with news of an injured frogfolk found near the creek. Mabel, a skilled healer, goes to assist and learns that the frogfolk is a survivor of a Calamity Beast attack.


Ral, a powerful mage, is consumed by the desire to find and kill Jace Beleren, his former friend. He believes Beleren is alive despite everyone thinking he died. Ral travels to Ravnica and then to Ixalan searching for Beleren but ends up frustrated. Finally, he seeks help from the Wanderer, a planeswalker who can track others by sensing their aether trails. However, the Wanderer reveals she can no longer planeswalk and suggests Ral open his soul to find Beleren.

Ral attempts to follow the Wanderer's advice but struggles. He eventually finds a faint trace of green energy, possibly linked to Beleren, and planeswalks again. He arrives in a strange field filled with giant plants and discovers disturbing physical changes to himself.

You can find the full version of chapter one on the WOTC site here - EPISODE 1: CALAMITY COMES TO VALLEY

Part Two

mudflat Village Art

Helga awakens in a strange room, surprised to find herself not in Pondside but in Goodhill, a village several hours away. Mabel, who found Helga unconscious, explains she is safe and has been resting. Helga recounts the terrifying Night Owl attack and the visions of a mysterious weaselfolk plaguing her dreams. Mabel is skeptical about the visions but acknowledges the possibility of a Calamity Beast threat.

Meanwhile, a celebratory birthday party unfolds for Mabel. Despite the merriment, Mabel feels a growing sense of responsibility. She decides to travel to Pondside to investigate the attack and safeguard the valley from potential dangers. Returning to her attic, Mabel retrieves a legendary weapon, a sword rumored to have belonged to Lily of the Valley, a champion who once protected the land.

With the powerful relic in hand, Mabel seeks volunteers for the journey. A small group, including Helga, steps forward to join Mabel on her quest. As the goodbyes are exchanged and preparations made, Mabel assures her children of her safe return. Determined to protect her home and the valley, Mabel sets out for Pondside at first light.

The full version for part two can be found here - EPISODE 2: AN EXPECTED PARTY

Part Three


Helga and her friends journey to Pondside, only to find it ravaged by the Night Owl and plundered by squirrelfolk necromancers. A fight erupts, with Helga using her water magic to aid Mabel in defeating flying skeletons. Determined to learn more, they follow the necromancers to Three Trees City, a bustling metropolis filled with diverse animalfolk. There, they encounter otterfolk offering passage on their boats and discover Ral Zarek searching for his friend, Jace Beleren. Recognizing Beleren from her dreams, Helga convinces Ral to join their cause. Just as they begin their search for information, the idyllic scene is shattered by the blare of mussel alarms and the overflow of the river, plunging the Docklands into chaos.

Here is the full part three from WOTC - EPISODE 3: THE LOST AND THE FOUND

Part Four


The adventurers seek refuge in ancient insect tunnels, encountering Coffey, a wise lorekeeper, and Tucker, a molefolk offering tea and snacks. There, they learn of Cruelclaw's theft of a Calamity Beast egg, orchestrated by a mysterious figure. Mabel's augury points them towards Fountainport. However, their journey isn't smooth sailing; a ferocious four-winged dragon-hawk ambushes them. Ral unleashes his lightning magic, forcing the creature to retreat. Seeking shelter from the rain, they huddle under a large rock.

You can read the full version of part four here -  EPISODE 4: SOOTHSAYING AND STORMCALLING

Part Five

Continuing their quest, the heroes reach Fountainport, a luxurious floating city. Helga wrestles with facing her former mentor, the King, who banished her for a magical mishap.

They reveal the truth about the stolen Calamity Beast egg, explaining how it fueled the recent attacks. To everyone's surprise, the King admits he has the egg and plans to use its power to dominate the Valley. A fierce battle erupts. Mabel, drawing strength from her family's support, fights back with renewed vigor.

Just as things seem dire, the Night Owl, another Calamity Beast, appears and drives away the Storm Hawk. Mabel retrieves the egg and returns it to the Night Owl, resolving the immediate threat.

The group escapes Fountainport with the city in chaos. They head home, hailed as heroes by the townsfolk. However, the future remains uncertain. Helga ponders her past, Ral seeks his husband, and others yearn for normalcy. The story ends with a celebratory speech looming, leaving the characters' next steps a mystery.

You can read the full version of part five here - EPISODE 5: NIGHTFALL IN FOUNTAINPORT


There you have it, my friends, all four parts of the Bloomburrow story summarized. If you've enjoyed the story so far, be sure to keep your eyes out for parts seven through ten, which I'll update the article with as they're released. Until then, get out there and play some MTG.


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