Commander Masters Leak - Release Promo Spoiled

Genoslugcs June 24, 2023 2 min
Commander Masters Leak - Release Promo Spoiled

Commander Masters is the first-ever reprint set specifically for the Commander format. And from what we saw when the set was announced (Jewled Lotus, The Ur-Dragonimage, & Capture of Jingzhouimage, it seems like it's going to have some hard-hitting reprints. Aside from the commander precon face commanders and the few cards I just mentioned, we can only guess what else the set will contain. That is, until now. Today, I'll be covering the Commander Masters Promo leak, what the card is, and how it got spoiled. So, let's jump right in.


Commander Masters Leaked Promo

Commander Masters is set to release on August 4th, and until now, we've only seen about six cards from the main set. And I suspect that WOTC hadn't planned on showing us any more Commander Masters spoilers for quite a while. However, if you've been around MTG for a time, you know how bad WOTC is at keeping things under wraps. So, it's unsurprising that something made it out to the player base ahead of schedule. So, what was the card?

a magic the gathering card called "disrupt decorum"

This version of the card has some fantastic art compared to the previous printings (see here Disrupt Decorumimage), but I think many players will feel a bit let down by having this as a promo. After all, Commander Masters is expected to bring the heat in terms of reprints for EDH. And I don't think a $1 card from C17 is what people had in mind, especially for a promo card. Oh, and speaking of that, this is the release promo. So, f you go out and play CMM when it drops, I'm assuming you'll get one of these.

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And while it may not be significant in value, it is a playable card, so maybe people will like it in that regard. If you have a decked out Firkraag, Cunning Instigatorimage, Karazikar, the Eye Tyrantimage, or Xantcha, Sleeper Agentimage deck, you'll be stoked to sleeve this version up for sure. Let's move on to how this leak happened with the card itself out of the way.

How The Leak Happened

The card was spoiled by WOTC themselves when they accidentally sent it out with Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth products. Several LGS received this along with their allocation of LOTR Promo Cards and took to social media to show off the blunder. Some people didn't believe it was real because of the flavor text, which starts in the "rules text" font and then changes to the regular text. As far as I know, this is simply a quality control issue with the card. And it has been confirmed by several store owners to be a legit Commander Masters leak of the release promo.

As I mentioned, spoilers are not going according to plan, and leaks are part of the norm for Magic: The Gathering and the poor quality for things like the error is also becoming more commonplace. That said, we'll see how many more cards surface before we make it to Commander Masters spoilers season. Hopefully, WOTC doesn't send the Pinkertons to retrieve the cards as they did with the March of the Machine: Aftermath product that was shipped early.


Commander Masters has a lot of hype around it, and I can't wait to see what is included in the set. Disrupt Decorumimage is not something many players will be going wild over, but I think that's fine. Given how extravagant MTG is today with things like the two-million-dollar serialized 001/001 "The One Ring" card from Tales of Middle-Earth, I'm ok with a $1 promo. How do you feel about it? Comment below and let me know.




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