Commander Masters Predictions - 20+ Cards Begging To Be Reprinted

Genoslugcs February 26, 2023 6 min
Commander Masters Predictions - 20+ Cards Begging To Be Reprinted

We've had quite a few Masters' sets so far and now, with Commander Masters coming on August 4th, we'll have the first one made specifically for Commander. Masters' sets, usually feature reprints of stape cards for eternal formats like Modern, Vintage, and Legacy. Today I'll be taking deep dive into what cards I think we may see inside of Commander Masters packs come August.

It's worth mentioning that a ton of Commander staples have already been reprinted recently in sets like Double Masters 2022 and Dominaria Remastered. So, I won't be including cards that were printed there. Instead, I'll be looking into some commonly played cards (and more obscure ones) that haven't been printed in quite a while and have some decent price tags. In other words, cards in need of being reprinted. Let's jump right into my predictions.

edgar markov

Fierce Guardianship


This (along with the other free spells from C20) is very likely to be reprinted here. They're all directly tied to the format and with the exception of Flawless Maneuverimage haven't been printed again since. Guardianship is the best of the lot but Deflecting Swatimage is second and I think both will be in the set, along with Deadly Rollickimage.

Edgar Markov


One of the three cards that we know for sure is getting reprinted in Commander Masters is The Ur-Dragonimage from Commander 2017. With this card being reprinted I would suspect that the immensely popular Edgar Markovimage from the same set would also get a printing.

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Edgar Markov is one of the most popular, and most powerful Vampire Commanders out there thanks to his Eminence ability and he hasn't seen a printing since his original one. He currently has a price tag of $60-70.

Carpet of Flowers


This is a card that simply doesn't have a budget replacement. If you have players in your playgroup in Blue, this can generate some insane amounts of mana very quickly. I personally love everything about the card other than the price tag. As of now, it has had a single printing way back in Urza's Saga and costs around $16. I think it's a great candidate to show up in the set - My fingers are crossed it does.



Insurrection is a very powerful effect that can win you the game on the spot if you can manage to cast it. What's better, is that you get to KO other players with their own creatures and add insult to injury. Commander Masters' is a draftable set and this would be a fun bomb in Limited. It hasn't been printed since Planechase and is currently around $11.



This card is synonymous with powerful Commander cards and would be an exciting reprint to have in CMM. From a pricing standpoint it would also make sense - This did see a version (a stunning one I might add) in the Magic 30 Secret Lair but recently but you still can't get it for under $30 or so.

Ancient Tomb


In a format where players start with 40 life, paying two of it for two mana is a great deal. That said, Ancient Tombimage sees quite a lot of play despite its high price tag ($70 at the lowest) and relatively low number of reprints. This is one that people think is on the Reserved List when it isn't if that tells you anything. It can be reprinted and my guess is that it will.

Hermit Druid


The first time I encountered this card I was losing the game to it. It enables graveyard strategies in Commander like no other and can enable combo wins with cards like Thassa's Oracleimage and Labrotory Maniac. The driud only has a few printings (aside from the List and a judge promo) and steadily hovers around $10.


Tooth and Nail


Ah, the classic nine mana win the game card in Commander. Originally printed in Mirrodin and then again in Modern Masters, I think this $20 classic makes perfect sense to get another printing here.

Doubling Season


This is one of those cards that does everything you could want and then some. It doubles up all the tokens you would create and the number of counters you would place on all your permanents, which makes it an absolute powerhouse in countless decks and strategies. It's powerful, it's expensive, and a ton of decks would love to see it reprinted.

Serra Ascendant


Serra Ascendant is great in EDH because it's naturally a one-mana 6/6 with flying and lifelink in a format where players start with 40 life. That said, it's only ever been printed twice and is a $20 card. I think it's been waiting for its time and place to be printed again. I think Commander Masters is the time and the place.

Birthing Pod


While this isn't the most lucrative reprint imaginable, I think it would fit right in with the set and would be something players would love to see with some new art and card treatments.

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed


Mikaeus was last printed in another Masters' set, Ultimate Masters and I think it's a fine candidate to show up here as well. If you've never played with or against the card you may not realize quite how good it is. It also carries a $20 price tag at the moment.

Cyclonic Rift


If we're talking about a Commander set, we've got to talk about Cyclonic Riftimage as well. It certainly has the playability and the price tag to excite people and I think it's a shoo-in for a reprint here.

Blind Obedience


Blind Obedienceimage is a great card that many players play. It's a nice stax piece that also allows you to drain your opponents of life. Given that the card has risen to around $7 over the years and only has a few printing I think it would make a nice addition to Commander Masters.

Archangel of Thune


Thune is perhaps the best enables/payoffs for life gain strategies in the format. It has evasion, can gain life all by itself, and peppers your entire board with counters. That said, it only has three printings (none of them recent) and two of them are Masters sets. As a result, it is nearly $30 and is a card I'd be surprised not to see included.

Mana Confluence


Here we have the second land I've mentioned. I don't know if I'd call this a commander staple for all decks but for many decks it's an auto-include. As I've mentioned a few times now, in commander, paying life for things is easier than in other formats. So, paying one life to fix your mana is great and offers great versatility to decks in four and five colors. This versatility and a relatively small amount of printings have earned the confluence a $20+ price tag.

Dack Fayden


Dack may be a lesser-known card but he's loved amongst those who play him. There are a few things that make him good but the main one is his -2, which can steal an opposing artifact. Not for a turn, not until he leaves the battlefield, no matter how big or small, that artifact is yours. Hopefully, Dack sees a reprint here.

Field of the Dead


Field of the Dead has only ever been printed once, in M20. After it was banned in Pioneer and Modern, Commander is where it took up play and it is quite good in the format. Good enough to fetch a $20 price and good enough to be reprinted here. This is one of the ones I'm more certain about predicting.

The Medallions

image image image
image image

Many of the cards from this cycle haven't been reprinted since 2014 and have prices that reflect that. As of now, each one will run you around $20-30. That said, they can slot into nearly any deck and be useful. The combination of their lack of printing, high price, and playability makes them excellent candidates to come up in this new commander-centered release.


I'm extremely excited about Commander Masters. I'm excited about the precons and I'm excited to see what new cards and what reprints the set will contain. That said, there you have my thoughts on what cards will show up and why. Whether I'm right remains to be seen and I am excited to find out if I've even gotten a single card correct. Comment down below and let me know what you think of my guess or what you think we may see.





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