Commander Masters Precon Spoilers - All Four Face Commanders Revealed!

Commander Spoilers 
Genoslugcs · May 6, 2023 · 4 min
Commander Masters Precon Spoilers - All Four Face Commanders Revealed!

Commander Masters is precisely what it sounds like - A masters set designed specifically for the commander format. Not only will it contain spicy EDH reprints, but it'll have four brand-new precons as well. Until now, we've had much speculation and very few cards spoiled. That all changed earlier today when WOTC gave us our first look at the face commander for each of the precons. Let's jump right into the spoilers!


Eldrazi Unbound

zhulodok, void gorger

First up, we have the Eldrazi Unbound face commander - Zhulodok, Void Gorgerimage. And man, this thing is nasty. It's a six-mana 7/4 that says: Colorless spells you cast from your hand with a mana value of seven or greater have double cascade. So, it incentives you to cast your most considerable colorless spells and rewards you with not one, but two more cards for it.

There are a ton of gnarly things that you'll be able to do with this. One of the first things that come to mind is Emrakul, the Promised Endimage. She's a whopping 13 mana as far as cascade triggers are concerned, but she can be cast for much cheaper most of the time, making her perfect for getting the most out of Zhulodok's ability.

You'll also get the cast triggers for anything you cascade into, which is enormous, as many of the Eldrazi Titans have amazing enter-the-battlefield triggers. Just imagine playing mama emrakul and getting a free Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hungerimage or Ulamog, the Infinite Gyreimage. It'll likely be pretty easy to put 20 or so power into play and remove several opposing permanents in the process of a single turn.

Sliver Swarm

sliver gravemother

Here we have the default commander for the Sliver deck, and I must say, I'm impressed. This is a very unique and interesting addition to the Sliver repertoire. Just the first line, "The 'Legend Rule' doesn't apply Slivers you control." is a shock to read. If you thought having a single Sliver Queenimage, The First Sliverimage, Sliver Overlordimage, Sliver Hivelordimage, or Sliver Legionimage was cool, now you can have multiple! Sliver Legionimage would be my personal favorite to copy a bunch and could represent a ton of damage.

And that's just the first line; moving down the card, she also gives all slivers in your graveyard encore x, where x is its mana value. If you're unfamiliar with the mechanic - once you pay the encore cost, you exile the card from your graveyard, and for each opponent, you create a token copy that attacks that opponent. This works quite well with her first ability too.

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And even aside from the legendary shenanigans you could get up to, the encore ability is excellent for your non-legendary creatures like Leeching Sliverimage and Predatory Sliverimage as well. Also, remember that the gravemother counts herself as non-legendary too, which is cool considering she also has encore.

On a side note, I feel that commander players will call this "Sliver Grandmother" for all of eternity.

Enduring Enchantments

anikthea hand of erebos

Anikthera, Hand of Erebos is the primary commander for the enchantment-based reanimator precon, Enduring Enchantments. She's a five-mana 4/4, legendary enchantment creature with menace - Overall, respectable stats. She also gives all of your other enchantments menace. I think that menace is fantastic and often slept on, so I'm glad to see it appear twice here.

Whenever she ETBs or attacks, you can exile a non-aura enchantment from your graveyard and make a token copy of it. It will then be a 3/3 zombie in addition to its other types. Even aside from whatever value you're getting from the actual enchantment (which could be massive - think Hallowed Hauntingimage or Mirari's Wakeimage), you'll also be getting a 3/3 with menace.

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This isn't as flashy as the Eldrazi or Sliver commanders, but I think it's just as good, if not better. Furthermore, Abzan (WBG) is the perfect color combination for this strategy. You'll have access to everything you could want enchantment-wise, from white & green, and plenty of ways to interact with your graveyard from black & green. Don't be fooled by its unassuming look; this is a powerhouse.

Planeswalker Party

commodore guff

I am so glad we've finally got the lovable, fourth-wall-breaking Commodore Guff on a card. Guff tended to the secret library on Dominaria, where he had access to every book ever written, including the books that held the destiny of the multiverse. This included things about himself, which he could read in the third person. Unfortunately for Guff, he didn't survive the original phyrexian invasion - But hey, at least he knew what he was in for.

From a gameplay perspective, I think he requires a bit more set-up than the other commanders. His static requires you to have another walker on board to generate value from, so it may be awkward when you don't. That said, you'll just have to hold off casting Guff sometimes if you have an empty board since his static and his -3 need at least something on board to work well.

His +1 is pretty solid. It gives you a 1/1 body with a relevant creature type (things like Harmonic Prodigyimage have some synergy here) and can ramp you into your walkers. I'm curious why it only produces red mana, though. Perhaps the deck will be skewed heavily toward red Planeswalkers, but that seems odd too. Whatever the case may be, it seems like they could have allowed it to produce white or blue mana for Planeswalkers as well and not have it busted.


There you have it my friends, all four of the Commander Masters precon commanders. WOTC didn't disappoint here - These are everything I had hoped they'd be, and seeing them has 100% whet my appetite to see the complete deck lists as well. Whenever they drop, you'll find them here on AetherHub. Until then, hop down in the comments and tell me what you think of these powerful new legends.


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