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I will be on vacation from September 2nd through 15th with no internet.



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Full time job: Attorney (No legal advice. Not taking clients.)

Location: North East, United States

Streaming time: Thursdays, 8-10pm EST

Last date reached mythic ranking: 08/05/19 with goblins.


Field of the Dead is Stronger Without Scapeshift
Deck Standard 

01 Aug by CaptainJamoke

We don’t need no stinking Scapeshift. It's too slow. It's too restrictive. It has a cost. Instead, we play Field of the Dead and support it with cards that naturally bring it to full effectiveness

MTGA Experiences Downtime During M20 Server Update
MTGA News 

02 Jul by CaptainJamoke

MTGA Client experiencing growing pains, as M20 is added.

CaptainJamoke's Quick Take on M20
Decklists Economy 

27 Jun by CaptainJamoke

MTG 2020 will release a large amount of highly notable cards with significant game-pace impact. This article provides an in-depth speculation analysis for the most relevant of these.

Per Law Firm's Reddit Post: Class Action Suit Filed Against Wizard's/Hasbro
Discussion News 

09 May by CaptainJamoke

Yesterday, May 8, 2019, an Atlanta, Georgia law firm “Werner Wetherington, P.C.” submitted a Reddit post on /r/MTGFINANCE detailing their recent class action suit against the creators of Magic, etc.