Arena Standard - Tough Stuff

16 37
28 6 2 24
Midrange Jank
Main 60 cards (23 distinct)
Creature (28)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (6)
Planeswalker (2)
Land (24)

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Today we are playing a deck where creature toughness matters with Ancient Lumberknotimage. We also have land and graveyard synergies with Geth, Thane of Contractsimage and Perennial Behemothimage. We have self mill with Wrenn and Sevenimage, Urborg Lhurgoyfimage, Eccentric Farmerimage, and Shigeki, Jukai Visionaryimage. We have Titania, Voice of Gaeaimage and Argoth, Sanctum of Natureimage so we can potentially meld. Also we have Titan of Industryimage to reanimate with Geth, Thane of Contractsimage and to see if it can still provide a powerful endgame threat in the current meta. Let's see if this Tough Stuff can jank out or opponents.

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Last Updated: 19 Mar 2023
Created: 19 Mar 2023
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