Arena Standard - Standard Esper Control Superfriends Deck

16 18 37
0 32 11 37
  • Deck contains 20 invalid cards for this format: Behold the Multiverse (KHM), Blood on the Snow (KHM), Snow-Covered Island (KHM), Clearwater Pathway (ZNR), Lolth, Spider Queen (AFR), Snow-Covered Plains (KHM), Jace, Mirror Mage (ZNR) Professor Onyx (STX), Hengegate Pathway (KHM), Doomskar (KHM), Vanishing Verse (STX), Snow-Covered Swamp (KHM), Hall of Storm Giants (AFR), Hive of the Eye Tyrant (AFR), Brightclimb Pathway (ZNR), Professor Onyx (STX), Mordenkainen (AFR), Valki, God of Lies (KHM), Niko Aris (KHM), Jace, Mirror Mage (ZNR)
Side 6 cards (6 distinct)

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Last Updated: 11 Jun 2022
Created: 26 Mar 2022
146 147 0

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