Arena Standard - Kolorless Karn

28 7 2 23
  • Deck contains 1 invalid cards for this format: Reckoner Bankbuster (NEO)
Main 60 cards (18 distinct)
Creature (28)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (7)
Planeswalker (2)
Land (23)

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Today we are seeing if we can win while playing no colors at all. We are playing a bunch of low cost artifacts to grow Patchwork Automatonimage. We are giving Patchwork Automatonimage flying with Atraxa's Skitterfangimage. We are using Liberator, Urza's Battlethopterimage to give our deck flash so we can surprise our opponents! Karn, Living Legacyimage can nonstop ramp us or draw us cards in a pinch. We are using both Reckoner Bankbusterimage and Tablet of Compleationimage to draw cards. Lastly, we are using a ton of utility lands like Blast Zoneimage to remove important permanents our opponents have.

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Last Updated: 28 Mar 2023
Created: 28 Mar 2023
104 32 0

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