Blast Zone


Blast Zone enters the battlefield with a charge counter on it.
: Add .
, : Put X charge counters on Blast Zone.
, , Sacrifice Blast Zone: Destroy each nonland permanent with mana value equal to the number of charge counters on Blast Zone.

  The Brothers' War (BRO)
#369, Rare

Illustrated by: Jorge Jacinto


  • 2019-05-03
    If a permanent has in its mana cost, X is considered to be 0.
  • 2019-05-03
    An activation cost of means that you pay twice X. If you want X to be 3, you pay to activate Blast Zone’s ability.
  • 2019-05-03
    Tokens that aren’t a copy of something else don’t have a mana cost. Anything without a mana cost normally has a mana value of 0.
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