Standard - The New Miracle Grow (Bo1)

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Mainboard - 60 cards (18 distinct)

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The New* Miracle Grow

(Work in Progress. Most recent update: 4/12/19)
Only 6 non-land rare cards!
 This is a re-imagining of the archetype popularized in the 1997 PTQ. This deck plays a minimal amount of lands, a high amount of low cost non-creature spells, and a few creatures with high synergistic value. This deck was built with this Wizard's of the Coast article by Alex Shvartsman in mind.


  The 1997 PTQ list:

Land: 12 Total

4 [[Tundra]]
4 [[Tropical Island]]
2 [[Flood Plain]]
1 [[Island]]
1 [[Savannah]]

Creatures: 16 Total

4 [[Werebear]]
4 [[Quirion Dryad]]
2 [[Mystic Enforcer]]
2 [[Merfolk Looter]]
4 [[Meddling Mage]]

Spells: 32 Total

4 Sleight Of Hand
4 [[Brainstorm]]
4 [[Daze]]
4 Force of Will
2 [[Foil]]
4 [[Land Grant]]
3 [[Winter Orb]]
4 [[Gush]]
3 Swords To Plowshares

Shvartzman summarized the general idea of the deck, writing, "...  Miracle Grow - a blue weenie deck splashing green for Land Grant and Quirion Dryad - which would grow quickly thanks to the many one-casting cost library manipulation spells." 

Our gameplan remains the same as that of our precursor's. Minimize land counts and grow your creatures. Thanks to [[Deeproot Champion]] we have access to a replacement for [[Quirion Dryad]].

{{Deeproot Champion}}

The rest of the deck can similarily be built on the framework the 1997 PTQ finalists refined. Let's take a look at what some of the cards in the original list tried to accomplish.



{{Quirion Dryad}} 

[[Quirion Dryad]] is one of most obvious cards with a current substitution in  [[Deeproot Champion]]

{{Deeproot Champion}}






[[Werebear]] can be substituted for [[Incubation Druid]], which is arguably an upgrade to the original slot. That said, I'm not 100% sold on the necessity of [[Incubation Druid]].

{{Incubation Druid}}





{{Mystic Enforcer}}

[[Mystic Enforcer]] is a durable four-mana beatdown. We don't yet have a direct replacement, and I'm currently running [[Murmuring Mystic]] in this slot. [[Galloping Lizrog]] is an option (great synergy with [[Pteramander]]), and the new expansion card Roalesk, Apex Hybrid may even be a consideration.

{{Murmuring Mystic}}





{{Merfolk Looter}}

[[Merfolk Looter]] can be substitued for [[Surge Mare]], [[Gateway Sneak]], [[Nightvale Sprite]] or the upcoming cards Augur of Bolas , Erratic Visionary , or Spellkeeper Weird.

Currently testing [[Curious Obsession]] in this spot.

{{Surge Mare}}




{{Meddling Mage}}

We don't have a direct replacement for [[Meddling Mage]] in purpose. However, we do have [[Pteramander]] which burns a bit more rubber and can provide some serious offensive clout.






U (CMC), Sorcery

"Look at the top two cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the other on the bottom of your library."

Sleight Of Hand unfortunately doesn't work with the image code here, so you'll have to click the link. Its fairly even to [[Opt]] and both have their advantages. I'd call this a 1-for-1 replacement.






{{Swords to Plowshares}}

We have no direct replacement for [[Swords to Plowshares]]. Right now, the list is running [[Blink of an Eye]] in its place.

{{Blink of an Eye}}





{{Winter Orb}}

No replacement exists for [[Winter Orb]]. I'd like to believe it would be less useful now than it was in 1997 (high prevalance of Mono-Red and Mono-Blue), but I'd be fooling myself. [[Winter Orb]] or a close replacement would be amazing. The most similar that I've been able to come up with would be either [[Sorcerous Spyglass]] or [[Amulet of Safekeeping]], but that's really r e a c h i n g. Maybe War of the Spark will bring a reprint. wink




The other cards are in a bit of a flux, and subject to change. Right now, I'm really enjoying the utility and protection of [[Dive Down]] and [[Spell Pierce]]. We also have very good options available for both land tutoring and low-cost card draw.


**One important thing to keep in mind**

You ideally want at least two mana sources in your starting hand.

That could mean one land and one land-tutor. Don't be afraid to mulligan.


You may see some changes to this write-up and the list. This is a work in progress, and I hope that anyone interested in bringing back this archetype will help contribute. So far its extremely rewarding to play, albeit quite difficult. Comment below, and I'll try to respond quickly. 


EDIT: 3/10/19 - Dropped some lands. Added [[Curious Obsession]] which has excellent synergy with [[Incubation Druid]] as well as the other creature spells.

 THIS IS VERSION 1.3. More to come.
















About CaptainJamoke

Information relevant to readers regarding most my decks:

Since MTGA ranked seasons began I’ve hit mythic ranking consistently, often early into the month. All of my deck posts involving write-ups involve significant gameplay in ranked Bo1 and/or ranked Bo3. I tend to switch up the game mode depending on how much time I have to play MTGA, meaning that my decks are designed to work as listed in both Bo3 and Bo1 with zero changes to the main board. Currently, MTGA has 50-deck limit which can inhibit deck cloning if you are working in multiple decks at once   **Note -Since both formats have different metas, these decks can be modified for optimization if you stick with one format only. This doesn’t apply to decks posted for any tournament entries.**

My deck building process:

I will take a concept and put together an initial list. The deck is then played solely in ranked regardless of my current rank. I play until I lose a few and then modify the list to remove its weakest cards. I then repeat that process until I get bored with the deck. This process has gotten me to mythic every season except for one- I really tried to make bridgemaster affinity work but couldn’t figure out the right list. I ended up stuck in limbo between plat/diamond for the whole season. The most recent “core” deck concept we hit mythic was last season with GB Rock on 5/11/19.


I occasionally stream on Twitch and recently started trying to figure out YouTube- you can find me by searching “captainjamoke” on either. I’m also always hanging out in the Aetherhub discord if you want to discuss the deck lists.

Last Updated: 13 Apr 2019
Created: 08 Apr 2019
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This looks like fun. How did you resit the urge to name it Simi-racle Grow?
My version:

-2 Shimmer of Possibility
-2 Murmuring Mystic

+1 Island
+1 Forest
+2 Sphinx of Foresight
This list is just crazy, love to play that!