Standard - Gruul Domri with LStrike bo1

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Simulating MTG Arena Best of 1 starting hand
(Simplified, true algorithm in MTGA not revealed by Wizards yet)

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Check out the video to see me pilot the deck in a competitive event.

Some points I did not cover - 

Rhythm of the Wilds is too slow.  It is great against control, but turn 3 has to be a beatdown turn in the hyper-fast bo1 meta of MTGA.

Domri is much stronger than he looks, just run him out there, if he dies you race better, if he lives you race better.  Don't defend him too much, smash more face.

Strike can be Lava Coil if you start working on Bo3

CGB Story Time Mode

I can't think of Red/Green decks without thinking of my sister.  Kim, my younger sister by two years, was one of six women at the first Pro Tour in New York, 1996.  She was 12 years old then.


My sister loves Red/Green decks.  Before it was called Gruul (the name came out in the first Ravnica), she WAS Gruul.  Her Pro Tour deck contained twelve elves that made mana, Fireball, and a variety of big monsters.  She beat down plenty of players with the first kind of hexproof card, Autumn Willow.  She smashed a PTQ in Toledo with Yavimaya Ants (5/1 trample haste for GG2) and Balduvian Horde (2RR, 5/5).  She never met a red burn spell or a green creature spell she wouldn't try.


My sister's favorite deck was called Shikaka after Ace Ventura, When Nature Calls.  It had Kird Ape, Erhnam Djinn and Shivan Dragon.  It had Birds of Paradise from Beta as well.  She also splashed blue for Psionic Blast (2U, 4 damage to any target, 2 damage to you) to go with Lightning Bolt and Incinerate and Fireball.


My sister stopped playing Magic when I went off to college.  I think she was only in it for me towards then end.  She was popular at school, a cheerleader, a basketball star, but still a nerd on the weekends and at home, going with her brother to events and trying to stay in the pro scene.  She grew up, got a doctorate, got married, has a son, lives in another state, and she left Magic behind.


We have a tradition of giving each other gifts on Christmas and for birthdays that remind us of our past.  DVDs of Darkwing Duck or All Dogs go to Heaven are examples.  One year, I set out to acquire the long lost deck, Shikaka.  I got most of the cards, but I couldn't afford the Taigas.  Rootbound Crag would have to do.  She loved the gift, and now she is eager for MTG Arena to be available on iMac so we can play again.

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Created: 02 Feb 2019
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