Arena Standard - Sultai Incarnation V1.1

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Midrange Jank
Main 60 cards (24 distinct)
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Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (15)
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V1.1 - Okay, definitely better to have a mix of creatures and enchantments. Most enchantment creatures aren't that great and almost all of them lack an ETB trigger, which is really important for the deck to maintain tempo. But with the fetching ability of the deck it's surprisingly easy to grab a constellation payoff like [[setessan champion]] and go off. I've had to discard to hand size in like 40% of the games I played. It's great lol. Here's the nuts we're hoping to draw every game:

Turn 2 [[Wolfwillow Haven]]

Turn 3 [[Enigmatic Incarnation]] Sack the [[Wolfwillow Haven]] and Fetch [[Setessan Champion]]

If you untap with champion you almost always win. If they kill it, you just play an [[omen of the sea]] and fetch another one XD

Other than that, here's the breakdown of specific cards from testing so far:

[[enigmatic incarnation]] namesake of the deck, a cool buildaround card that lets you fetch up whatever creatures you need for the given situation. It's good if we can find the right pieces to put around it.

[[Wolfwillow Haven]] is an absolute staple. A draw payoff for effectively 1 mana if you have a third land to put it on. It ramps us to incarnation on turn 3, and the mana ramp is really imporant to keep tempo in a deck like this

[[Setessan champion]] is busted in this deck. You can fetch it with incarnation, it digs you to incarnation if you don't have it yet, and gets huge while drawing you cards. obviously good in the deck

[[treacherous blessing]] helps you find incarnation and win the long grindy games. Also feels AMAZING when you get to sac it to incarnation XD A huge part of the reason to be Sultai IMO

[[Aphemia the cacophony]] obvious auto-include in a deck designed to get enchantments in the graveyard. Can fight against uro and polukranos a bit, but I can always escape them anyway as you get a TON of cards in the yard with this deck. Great card that works as both defense and offence in the right matchups

[[Nightmare Shephard]] Helps insulate you against board wipes, especially since most of your creature are utility creatures, meaning their Power/Toughness isn't what makes them good. a 1/1 [[setessan champion]] isn't any less a house than a normal one. [[Aphemia, the cacophony]] still makes an army, and dryad still lets you hit land drops. He's a very good card that hits hard in the air, and allows you to chain up to 5 CMC cards in case you need a [[massacre girl]] to bail you out or something =P

Thassa should probably be cut, and Not sure about all the other cards yet except Uro and Polukranos. They're AMAZING cards to fetch. Polukranos has single-handedly won me some impossible matchups (check out the YT vid to see him WRECK some rough games).

Will add more notes at a later date after more testing =)



V.05 Just prelimenary Testing to figure out if it's better to have mostly enchantment creatures, or a mix of enchantments and creatures.

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Thanks, Man! Yeah, there's definitely some powerful synergies going on. It feels like it's one powerful enchantment creature away from really getting there. or just 1 busted 5 or 6-drop to fetch up to catch up tempo. Super fun for sure and may be a force after the next set, or just more testing =P
looks like it has some real potential
Last Updated: 04 Feb 2020
Created: 10 Jan 2020
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