Arena Standard - Budget Gingerbread Beatdown (Under $30)

28 32 8
8 26 4 22
TCGPlayer $13.52
Cardmarket €6.92
Main 60 cards (14 distinct)
Creature (8)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (26)
Land (22)
Planeswalker (4)

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The Deck:

When I saw some of the artifacts and enchantments on Throne of Eldraine a few cards caught my eye. [[Gingerbrute]], [[All That Glitters]], [[Glass Casket]] and many more. I was inspired by MTGGoldfish when they threw in some Casual decks. So I took the deck and decided to take it for a spin. This deck basically only has two creatures and they are both artifacts. [[Gingerbrute]] and [[Arcanist's Owl]]. The goal is to fill the board with as many artifacts and enchantments as possible and winning the game with [[All That Glitters]].

The Creatures and the Finisher:

The only two creatures in this deck are [[Gingerbrute]] and [[Arcanist's Owl]]. Gingerbrute is basically our sure kill. He comes in and deals damage. If the opponent does not have any creatures with haste! That's even better! With [[Gingerbrute]] ability to be unblockable except creatures with haste makes it hard to kill. [[Arcanist's Owl]] is our key piece for fetching the cards we need. Our finisher, of course, is [[All That Glitters]].

{{Gingerbrute}} {{Arcanist's Owl}} {{All That Glitters}} 



The Deck uses [[Glass Casket]], [[Prison Realm]], and [[Mirrormade]] as our support. [[Glass Casket]] will help us take care of pesky threats like [[Knight of the Ebon Legion]], [[Fervent Champion]], or even a [[Glided Goose]]. [[Prison realm]] helps us take care of larger threats and planeswalkers. [[Mirrormade]] can copy both [[Glass Casket]] and [[Prison Realm]] for more support. Better yet, you can use [[Mirrormade]] copy [[All That Glitters]] for a quick finish.

{{Glass Casket}} {{Prison Realm}} {{Mirrormade}}

The Draws and the Searching:

This deck uses [[Golden Egg]], [[Guild Globe]], and [[Witching Well]] to help us draw and fetch for our key pieces. Pretty straight forward.

{{Golden Egg}} {{Guild Globe}} {{Witching Well}}


The only planeswalker in this deck is [[Saheeli, Sublime Artificer]]. She will help us create some damage dealers or chump blockers since we are casting noncreature spells. Remember, Saheeli creates 1/1 Servo Artifacts and that counts towards All That Glitters.

{{Saheeli, Sublime Artificer}}


The lands are pretty straight forward on this deck. Since we are on a budget, we are running a set of [[Tranquil Cove]] and [[Azorius Guildgate]]. As well as, 6x [[Plains]] and 8x [[Islands]]


This budget is pretty fun once the pieces start kicking in. But it does have a hard time against the higher tier decks. Well, what can you do? Since it's a budget deck. Maybe some time down the line I'll make a non-budget version. Enjoy.




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Last Updated: 06 Oct 2019
Created: 06 Oct 2019
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