Arena Standard - Naya Feather 2.3 Core 2020

18 30 13
19 19 0 22
  • Deck contains 7 invalid cards for this format: Rootbound Crag (XLN), Sunpetal Grove (XLN), Reckless Rage (RIX), Clifftop Retreat (DOM), Tocatli Honor Guard (XLN), Ixalan's Binding (XLN), Veil of Summer (M20)
Main 60 cards (20 distinct)
Creature (19)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (19)
Land (22)
Side 15 cards (6 distinct)
Maybeboard 4 cards (4 distinct)

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Missing Maindeck
1 3
2 3
2 4
1 3
Missing Sideboard
2 3
Missing Rare cards:8

What's new since yesterday's build (only a couple of tweaks, but they've made a big impact): 

  • Main Deck
    • +2 [[Season of Growth]]
      • This card is OP in this deck. It's absolutely insane how much value you generate. Feather already wanted you to cast cantrips on your creatures, this card generously rewards you for doing so. You scry, you draw, you pick from a billion cards to execute the perfect gameplan. Do you need to fix your mana? Do you need a creature to cast your spells on? Do you need spells to cast on your creatures? We have it all for you with Season of Growth. If you're playing Naya Feather this is one of the best cards in your deck. The most ideal set up is to play a creature on Turn 2, Season of Growth + Cantrip on Turn 3 allowing to secure your 4th landrop or play feather and samut sprint or hold open protection.
    • -1 [[Reckless Rage]]
      • Feels kinda wrong to go lower than 3, but we don't need as many now that we have Season of Growth. Still have our bases covered with Domri's Ambush (Domri's Ambush on Tenth District Legionaire still deals 4 damage) Perhaps this may find a home in the sideboard later.
    • -1 [[Samut's Sprint]]
      • Don't need as many now that we have Season of Growth.
  • Sideboard
    • -2 [[Sheltering Light]]
      • I haven't brought this in once. Gods Willing and Veil of Summer do the trick just fine.
    • -2 [[Knight of Autumn]]
      • Also haven't had a reason to bring in this, there's just not a lot of enchantments lately. I'm interested to see what happens when the meta settles and some of the previously popular archetypes come back in full force (Esper Control and RDW are MIA and Nexus Reclaimation is dead)
    • +1 [[Lava Coil]]
      •  Not sure if this is the right choice to go up or down. Haven't seen a lot of good targets recently that couldn't just be handled with Domri's Ambush or Reckless Rage. Really haven't seen any Phoenixes, but Dreadhorde Butcher did annhilate me without an answer.
    • +1 [[Deafening Clarion]]
      • Vampires, Elementals and Bant Ramp hate this. Can't afford to stay at 2 copies despite having Season of Growth. We need this on turn 3.
    • +2 [[Prison Realm]]
      • This is a stab at trying to solve the problem we are having with big creatures.
  • Potential Next Steps/New Things to Try
    • One of the biggest weaknesses of the deck is our difficulty dealing with bigass creatures or high loyalty planeswalkers. The best strategy we have right now is to [[Collision//Colossus]] + [[Domri's Ambush]] for 4 mana (yikes). This is really shitty if we're doing this without Feather or Arcanist. However we can snipe Lyra, Hellkite, and Krasis with Colission (also crappy because it won't recurr through Feather). It's unclear to me what the best answer is to these threats. Here's some ideas:
      • [[Ixalan's Binding]] -> expensive/too late, but shuts down key cards including non-creatures, non-planeswalkers
      • [[Prison Realm]] -> slightly cheaper, slightly less flexible, scry (like we need more of it)
      • [[Baffling End]] -> real cheap, only creature removal though and they have to be 3 CMC or less which probably doesn't solve our problem
      • [[Healing Grace]] -> we stall, we make it easier to block big guys
      • [[Take Vengeance]] -> alright I'm clearly desperate enough to consider this
    • If I'm bringing in [[Tocatli Honor Guard]], it feels like I have to take out [[Season of Growth]]. I'm not sure if Tocatli is worth it. The only matchup where it seems to be a serious issue is with the explore package. Everything else could be solved with the protection tricks like [[Sheltering Light]], [[Gods Willing]] and [[Veil of Summer]]
    • Really haven't been giving [[Thrash // Threat]] a chance. I might try doing a 2-2 split between the two different cards to feel out the difference.
      • [[Domri's Ambush]]
        • Pros
          • +1/+1
          • Both Dreadhorde Arcanist and Fether can recur it
        • Cons
          • Sorcery Speed
          • RG casting cost
      • [[Thrash // Threat]]
        • Pros
          • More flexible casting cost
          • Instant speed, allowing you to cast on your turn AND their turn if you have the mana and feather out
          • If you need it, you can make a 4/4 trampler for 4 mana
        • Cons
          • Can't be recurred through Dreadhorde Arcanist

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I did not hit mythic until tonight with this list:

Yuri -- I did end up putting sheltering light in the main with 2-of and find it to be very effective. I made a lot of other changes making the deck much more defensive instead of a beatdown strategy like it was here
How do you feel about this competing in the mythic level of game play?
I see. Indeed it all depends on the meta direction. But it does feel really good having Feather in play and Gods Willing + Sheltering Light in hand with 2 whites open. For now, I can say I'm having fun with Naya Feather. I've been using Boros Feather since the release of WAR and decided to try its Naya version after seeing this post. Gonna keep following your updates on it.
Great point! There is a sliver of threats that can't be answered by [[Gods Willing]] + [[Veil of Summer]] and you pointed out the only examples I can think of: colorless removal and Wrath-type effects. I haven't been running into much of Ugin or Esper in Arena so Gods Willing has just been an upgrade to Sheltering Light. Not sure when/how the meta will settle, but if Sheltering light does more than what it does now, it should go into the sideboard for sure. I'll try and test it against Esper
Hey Korbin! What do you think about running 2 Sheltering Lights alongside 2 Gods Willing. Because the latter by itself can't protect from some dangerous removals like Ugin's -3, Kaya's Wrath and others that don't target or don't deal damage.
Last Updated: 05 Jul 2019
Created: 05 Jul 2019
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