Commander - Rakdos, The Bargain Hunter

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Rakdos, The Bargain Hunter

Let's start a riot... at your game table as you lay down card after card for little to no mana. [[Rakdos, Lord of Riots]] lets us get great deals on creatures that cost ridiculous amounts of mana, as long as we deal enough damage to the opponents and since it says opponents, we can take advantage of this by hitting all of them at once.

Dealing Damage

{{Fiery Confluence}} {{Palace Siege}} {{Nettle Drone}}

First up is dealing large amounts of damage to your opponents. Cards like [[Fiery Confluence]] and [[slagstorm]] give you bursts of cost reduction, but if you prefer a more consistant damage there are cards like [[Ill-Gotten inheritance]] and [[Palace Siege]] which deal damage every turn.

Also, with some creatures that tap to deal damage to each player such as [[Nettle Drone]] and [[Thermo-Alchemist]] thrown in for good measure.

Another good way to deal damage is to just hit them in the face... Rakdos does this well especially with the help of [[Swiftfoot Boots]].

Big Boys

{{Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger}} {{Rune-Scarred Demon}} {{Grenzo, Dungeon Warden}}

Next we need the big creatures, preferably colorless so we can reduce thier cost to zero, such as [[Void Winnower]] who can complete lock opponents decks down if their commander is an even cost, [[Kozilek, Butcher of Truth]] gives card draw which is appreciated to contiue dumping creatures on the board, and [[Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger]] can desimate your enemies decks. Also included are some huge red and black creatures like [[Furyborn Hellkite]] who will always enter with bloodthirst triggered making it a 12/12, [[Myojin of Night's Reach]] who can make our opponents discard thier entire hand, and [[Rune-scarred Demon]] who lets us tutor for what ever card we want preferably one of the colorless creatures since we already payed 2 black mana to cast Rune-Scarred Demon.

Cards with x in their mana cost let some crazy effects happen like [[Maga, Traitor to Mortals]] which lets your cost reduction spiral out of control, or [[Grenzo, Dungeon Warden]] who lets you cheat out many of the cards in the deck as long as the x cost was high enough.

[[Walking Ballista]], [[Ugin's Conjurant]], and [[Endless One]] are in both of these groups, what a bargain!

Fuel for the Fire

{{Phyrexian Arena}} {{Disciple of Bolas}}

Since we will be able to play our hand out quite quickly we need good ways to reload so to speak.

[[Underworld Connections]], [[Phyrexian Arena]], [[Arguel's Blood Fast]] and [[Greed]] will allow us to consistantly keep our hand stocked and ready to go. [[Erebos, God of the Dead]] and [[Baleful force]] work as both big creatures and consistant card draw. [[Doom Whisperer]] allows us to surviel for the best draw. Finally, [[Disciple of Bolas]] lets us sacrifice a creature and draw cards equal to its power which will give you a ton of cards and for such a low price, what a deal!

Other Cards

{{Neheb, the Eternal}} {{Sower of Discord}} {{Liliana's Contract}}

Then there are a few cards that either fall into both catergories (dealing damage and big creature) or are just wonderfully synergistic.

One being [[Neheb, the Eternal]] who esentially doubles the effect Rakdos gives, or can help recast Rakdos if he dies to many times.

Next is [[Sower of Discord]] who is not only a big creature but allows you to greatly increase the damage your "each opponent" spells deal.

Another big Demon boy is [[Archfiend of Despair]] he doubles the amount of damage we do at the end of the turn so he is not as good for cost reduction but is great for killing the opponent.

[[Purphoros, God of the Forge]] is a great card for this deck, he first of all has 6 power which is great for reducing cost, but also deals 2 damage to each opponent whenever we play a creature, and he can buff the huge creatures we already have out with his activated ability.

[[Liliana's Contract]] gives us an easy route to victory since Rakdos is a demon and we can reduce the other demons costs, also the card draw is very nice.

Feed Back

If you have a card in mind that would work in the deck or a cheaper alternative to one of the cards leave a comment.


I hope you have fun coupon shopping with Rakdos!


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