Standard - {TopDeck}{Tier 1}{Gruul DRAGON!!}

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Yes, You read it right, its Dragons Dragons Dragons so you better tell your friends, your mom , your dad , your brothers , your sisters and your uncle that drinks a little too much that FINALLY we have here a Dragon deck that actually WIN GAMES


Let me walk you through this cool ass deck

Everyone knows the biggest problem with Dragon is its too slow . Dam mono reds kills you before you can do anything and dam control decks have a handfull of counters before you can play anything. So what do we do? We call in our good old Domri and his gang.

Gruul Spellbreaker - Monster of a card. This boy here comes in cluth for the aggro , comes in swinging for the control

Zhur-Taa Goblin   - Great 2 drops to get some presence on the board 

Domri, Anarch of Bolas - this Boy here helps smooth out the early game. His +1 helps bring your dragons out early and his -2 helps as a removal . Not to mention his passive helps with them pesky counters

you ask why only 2 Dragon Hoard ? Because its a slow card that is usually dead agaisnt aggro. It helps with the card draw a little but you soon realise 4 of them aint stopping them Lava Runners from hitting your face

you ask WHY AINT YOU RUNNING Spit Flame ? 
Because its an absolute trap of a card. Most of the time you are going to spend all your lands on Dragons you wont have extra for this rubbish. Lava Coil is much better in this case

Match ups?

Mono red - Get your Gruul boys up early and it should be an easy win

Sultai - Tech in Kiora as she has more loyalty points. Shes able to survive at least a turn so you can get your Flyers up

Esper - When they thought erasure  and see you have a bunch of dragons, they are gonna get mind fk so hard they auto concede 

Mono white - Pray

Gruul - You have Orge he have Orge , You have Dragons he has no Dragon , Win


Still need more?? Go watch the games on Youtube on the link

Last Updated: 21 May 2019
Created: 06 May 2019
5758 571 3

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2 9 3 1 0
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This is definitely not a Tier 1 deck. Loses to pretty much everything Tier 1. Not sure if this was put up as a troll post to make people waste their wildcard tokens.
Hi @Threadoflegth Tnx for checking the deck out. Yes! In fact the first variation i had Dire Fleet instead of Zhur Taa but i was facing against alot of Esper so Zhur Taa did better with his +1. And against aggro i feel like 3 -3 blocks better than a 2-1 with first strike .
Cool deck. Have you considered using Dire Fleet Daredevil instead of Zhur-Taa? He has play vs control with his ability and his first strike is still pretty good vs aggro. Also less demanding on the mana base