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Magic 2020 Streamer Event spicy deck brews

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By: andreliverod - 29 Jun 2019

The streaming event for Magic 2020 is drawing near. We have gathered the spiciest of brews from our content creators. If you are in the event or are looking for some new M20 brews, look no further. 

As always we have to make it clear; These are meant as for fun brews and are by no means competitive. The streaming event is all about having fun and playing with new cards. Streamers will have access to a special account with all cards. If you have any decklists you want streamers to play, be sure to comment on this article with a link. For the decklist, click each image.

First up is Merchant with two decks, the First is Orzhov Knights, utilizing the new Knights Knight of the Ebon Legionimage, Corpse Knightimage, Cavalier of Dawnimage and Cavalier of Nightimage

He has also made a deck video


His second brew is an aggressive Mono Black build with our new 7/6 friend


Next, we have ThyrixSyx with his big red deck using a lot of new cards. Instead of going the traditional aggro route, he decides to take the opposite route, coupled with a deck tech video


Another one from ThyrixSyx, this time it is vampires, which have gained a couple of new cards and a new Planeswalker


Let us head over to the crazy side of the brews for a bit, presenting CaptainJamoke's Leylines. The idea is to start with as many leylines in your hand as possible and surprise the enemy with the Instant speed Rampage of the Clansimage. You do not get any better place to try this craziness out than the Streamer event!

More from the same man, this time a more down to earth deck but still playing with some unusual cards; Scheming Symmetryimage and Rule of Lawimage


Still a bit on the crazy side, we have Jake_MTG trying to pull off a silly lifegain-combo with Kykar and his angels


Back into reality again MTG_Arena_META brings us two brews, first is a Boros Angel brew:

And then we have another take on the Orzhov Vampires


Getting into the Colorless side of things, maechael1916 has an Affinity brew for us; Make as many tokens as possible, build as much mana flow as possible with rocks to play the whole deck and have Tezzeret one shot the opponent.


Coming up last, let's finish off with a bang, RatsRelyk is playing around with a Boros build containing Haphazard Bombardmentimage

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It's not nearly as spicy, as I'm just trying to slowly improve Selesnya Tokens, but I'm excited for the new wolf synergy as well as Raise the Alarm! Deck: https://aetherhub.com/Deck/Public/129600

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