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Twitch Deck: {Steve}{Fun} Naya Big Dinos
Tourneys Organized: 1

Here at Mtg_Arena_Meta we have two streamers for our Twitch channel. Grykan who streams every Sunday and sometimes Wednesday. TheBest/Steve who streams Friday and Saturday, sometimes Monday and Thursday. You can find our channel Here. GRYKAN provides support and does the P2W side (Ranked, Draft, Competitive Constructed, Quick Constructed), and Steve is the F2P play style (Ranked and Quick Constructed). Steve keeps statistics on the game drop rates and deck win-rates which can be found Here. as well as writes guides for advanced play styles and learning. Currently only a new player guide is written, which can be found in this Document.

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We do polls for each constructed event we do. If you want to see this deck you may ask the streamer to add it to the poll, or vote for this deck if it's in the current poll!

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