4 Great Standard Decks for Non-standard Mana Play

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ChrisCee · January 9, 2023 · 2 min
4 Great Standard Decks for Non-standard Mana Play

Magic has dabbled with many ways to create alternative resources for casting spells that don’t have to do with directly paying mana. Ramping, of course, is a thing. But the ones that stick (ones that don’t become overpowered) often create a nice balance between build-up/pay-off and fulfilling reasonable conditions. “Promo-eligible discounts”, as one might say.

If the taste of current Standard meta is getting a little stale for you, we suggest trying out these brews. Decide which payment plan would be more favorable to bear the right fruits of your mana income.


Tezzeret & Urza’s Artifact Control

This deck is a bit more conservative towards mana cost reduction/circumvention than others in this list. But it does it more efficiently on specific cards such as Thran Spiderimage and Surge Engineimage, and especially Reckoner Bankbusterimage. In rare situations, March of Otherworldly Lightimage might even chip in for discounted removal, in case multiple Bankbusters and Tezzeret are filling your hand too much during both your and your opponent's turns.

Oh and, while not the focus of the deck, you can also occasionally spook opponents with a four-mana-discount Urza, Planeswalkerimage from time to time… for even more artifact discounts!

Featured cards:

image image image

Tezzeret & Urza's Artifact Control


Sultai Multiverse

If you’re more into the classic zero mana cost endgame style, then this deck might be worth checking out. Removal runs the flavor of Cut Downimage for early game, then Invoke Despairimage and Portal to Phyrexiaimage for mid and late game. Until then, survive with cards like Joint Explorationimage and Cartographer's Surveyimage. After that, One with the Multiverseimage should become the primary win condition, though any of the multi-advantage sorceries will also do if Farewellimage becomes too troublesome.

Featured cards:

image image image

Sultai multiverse


Chaotic Transformation Standard

The basic idea for this deck is to use Chaotic Transformationimage, sacrificing transformed enchantments, as well as creature and Treasure tokens to always hit Titan of Industryimage and Portal to Phyrexiaimage (with a bonus recurring saga if there is a remaining enchantment target). The Weatherseed Treatyimage also unintentionally adds another mana discount-themed card with its Domain ability.

But even without its main trick, its individual components alone can be surprisingly resilient as the sagas, transformed or not, can complement each other fairly well. Just be aware that if you choose an enchantment creature for Chaotic Transformationimage, you might end up missing a Titan of Industryimage drop if the first card that pops up is another saga.

Featured cards:

image image image image

Chaotic Transformation


Naya Domain Aggro

Domain has always been an interesting combination with New Capenna triomes, as you can otherwise hit big effects with very little mana investment. Of course, Domain isn’t restricted to mana reduction, so cards like Gaea’s Might can equally surprise opponents with sudden, low-mana moves that rip any intended board advantage to pieces. Furthermore, since the intention is to strike fast and hard anyway, the deck also splashes Angelfire Ignitionimage, Lightning Strikeimage, and even a surprise Fleetfoot Dancerimage for the uninitiated.

Pierce through far and wide, and burn the opponent’s last few life points.

Featured cards:

image image image

Naya Domain Aggro

About ChrisCee:

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