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Magic is an elaborate game of chess, played with an infinite selection and combination of cards combined into 60 card decks. Showing your imagination and making "jank" non-jank, with balance across the curve is what every "True" Magic The Gathering Wizard should strive for.

I hope you enjoy my decks and encourage you to redesign them to fit your play style, without ruining curve flows.

As always, I encourage and accept constructive critisim to postings.

Thirst for Blood
Arena Standard
1 month ago
This is a straight forward Vampire leech deck, with a bit of a twist utilizing Epicure of Blood for a 5th turn drop to double the damage. Impassioned Orator used to combine with Epicure of Blood, but I found that (in this deck) it was hindering the curve. Cruel Celebrant, Vindictive Vampire, Epicure...
Arena Standard
1 month ago