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By: andreliverod - 26 Sep 2019


There are some hidden options in the MTG Arena collection and deck builder beyond the Advanced search filter. In this guide, we will list and show you all the options available.


Each search term consists of a filter term, a comparison type, and a value. Case sensitivity does not matter; capital letters and lowercase letters may be used interchangeably. You can also write search queries with or without spaces between the operators, we use space in this guide to make it easier to read. First, let us demonstrate some useful use-cases of this powerful filter before we delve into how to use them:

Case: You are looking for big creatures for your deck
Command: Power > 7
Translates to: Find all cards with Power Greater than 7


Case: You are looking for big creatures for your mono-green deck 
Command: Power > 7 Color:Green
Translates to: Find all cards with Power Greater than 7 that are Green


Case: You would like to know what cards in a set you are missing to complete your collection.
Command: Q < 4 SET = WAR
Translates to: Find all cards with where Quantity is Less than 4, Setname is War Of the Spark


Case: You would like to know what Mythic cards you are missing in your collection
Command: Q < 4 R = Mythic
Translates to: Find all cards with where Quantity is Less than 4, where Rarity is Mythic


The Structure of a Search Term

Search terms consist of three building blocks the Filter, Comparison, and Value.

Filter Comparison Value
Power = 5

There are groups of filter types which work with different comparisons, going forwards we are going to list them in groups and colors so you know what values belong to each other. We will then go through more in-depth explanations and at the end give you a summary of useful examples.


Numerical Filters

Numerical Filter Terms Definition
R, RARITY Rarity
CMC Converted Mana Cost
Q, Owned Quantity, number Owned


Numerical Comparison Type Definition
> Greater Than
< Less Than
>= Greater or Equal To
<= Lesser or Equal To
!= Does Not Equal
: Equal, same as =
= Equal, same as :


Numerical & Rarity Values Definition
0-9 Usable numerical values
M, MYTHIC Mythic Rare, only used with Rarity filter
R, RARE Rare, only used with Rarity filter
U, UNCOMMON Uncommon, only used with Rarity filter
C, COMMON Common, only used with Rarity filter


Text Filters

Text Filter Terms Definition
E, EDITION, SET, S Expansion Set
O, ORACLE, TEXT Rules Text
T, TYPE Type, Subtype, or Supertype


Text Comparison Type Definition
: Equal, same as =
= Equal, same as :

Text filters have a special negative filter which is a minus in front of the text filter term. ex:

color:R -name=Chandra
Finds all cards with color Red and name is not equal to Chandra

q<4 -set=M20
Finds all cards you have less than 4 off where the set is not equal to M20

Color Filters

Color Filter Terms Definition
C, COLOR Filter by Color
ID, IDENTITY Filter by Color Identity


Color Comparison Type Definition
: Equal/Exactly, same as =
= Equal/Exactly, same as :
> All cards that contain the specified color/color identity and at least one other color
>= All cards that contain the specified color/color identity


Color Values Definition
W, WHITE White
U, BLUE Blue
B, BLACK Black
R, RED Red
G, GREEN Green


Color vs. Color Identity

Color: A card's color is the color/s of the mana symbols in its mana cost.
Color Identity: The color identity of a card is the color or colors of any mana symbols in that card's mana cost or rules text, plus any colors defined by its characteristic-defining abilities or color indicator.
For example, searching "Color:Green" will only return cards that have green (and only green) as part of their mana cost. "Identity:Green" will return cards that are the color green, as well as cards that have green as part of their color identity (e.g. Memorial to Unity).

Combining Colors

You may combine color letters in one search. For example, "Color:RG" will return cards that have both red and green as part of their mana cost (e.g. Cindervines). "Identity:RG" will return cards that have red and green as part of their color identity (e.g. Gravel-Hide Goblinimage). As noted above, hybrid mana is considered all of its component colors. To search for cards with hybrid mana as part of its mana cost, you must search for both colors (e.g. "Color:RG" will return Rubble Slingerimage, but "Color:R" or "Color:G" will not). The same is true for cards with hybrid mana as part of its color identity (e.g. "Identity:RG" will return Gruul Locketimage, but "Identity:G" and "Identity:R" will not.)

A Note on Comparison Operators

Comparison operators are strict!

  • Color:Green - This will returns cards that have exactly green (and only green) as part of their mana cost.
  • Color>Green - This will return cards that have at least green as part of their mana cost. This will not return cards that are exactly green.
  • Color>=Green - This will return cards that are exactly green and will return cards that have at least green as part of their mana cost.


Multiple Search Terms


Multiple search filters separated by spaces will function as an "AND" search term. For example, "Power>4 CMC=3 Type=Creature" will return creatures that have a power greater than four AND a converted mana cost of three AND are a creature. "CMC=3 Power=3 -Color=Green" will return creatures that have a converted mana cost and power equal to three, but will exclude any green cards.


You may also use the word "OR" to specify that any of the criteria can be met. For example, to get any card with power greater than four, plus all green cards, you can search "Power>4 OR Color:Green".


You can combine multiple search terms with parenthesis. For example, "(Power>4 Color:Green) OR (Power<3 Color:Red)" will return all green cards with power four or greater as well as all red cards with power three or less.


If you wish to search for multiple words (a card title, a section of rules text, etc.) you must wrap the word in quotes, e.g. "can't be blocked".


Advanced Filters

Advanced search works in congruence with the existing Advanced Filters options. If you have the Advanced Filters set to show only Guilds of Ravnica cards, and then you search for creatures (T:Creature) the result will return only creatures from Guilds of Ravnica.


Useful commands - a quick reference

Below is a table of useful search filters. If you have any suggestions for more useful commands and examples post them in the comments.

Command Filter cards with
Power>7 Color=Green Power Greater than 7 that are Green
Toughness>5 -Color=Green -Color=White Toughness greater than 5, exclude Green and White color cards
Q<4 AND Set=WAR Quantity is Less than 4, where Set is War Of the Spark
Q<4 AND Rarity=Mythic Quantity is Less than 4, where Rarity is Mythic
Color>=R AND Set=WAR Color cost contains Red, where Set is War of the Spark
Color=White AND (Type=Soldier OR Type=Vampire) Color is White and Type is Soldier or Vampire
Type=Creature AND (ID=RedGreen OR ID=Green OR ID=Red) Type Creature AND Colorid red/green, green or red. Useful for Brawl


Source: MTG Arena forum post by developers

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Hi, Can I filter card with two colored mana ?
I tried this C:WW to find white card with 2 white mana, but it brings a generic mana too

Yes, those cards have their own set code. The starter cards from 2019 are ANA, and the cards from 2020 are ANB. There are only two cards that are in ANA that aren't in ANB, one was in M19 and the other is Shorecomber Crab.
Hi all, is there a way to search for cards from Arena only, without having belong to a set? IE, the cards aren't tied to a set that you receive from starter decks. Example: Inspiring Commander. Thanks in advance!
With the devotion mechanic back in Theros, is there a way to search for cards by their devotion to a color, i.e., their casting cost relative to a specific color, not just CMC?
Fantastic guide!!!
One small problem. Trying to search for only rats. Type=Rat shows too pirates. Type="Rat" doesn't take away the pirates.
Type=Rat -Pirate works. But I don't want to write the extra line.
@ReginaldKWarnerll - Yes there is a way!

Example: "colorid:rg" will return Gruul color cards.

I did "token colorid:gw" for a search on green+white cards that created tokens and it returned exactly what I was looking for. Cards that were green/white combined, that produced tokens.

Love this write up and refer back to it alot! Thank you kind sire, for having these commands in an easy to reference spot!
@ReginaldKWarnerII I have added every filter I know about and that has been posted. So, as far as I know, it is not possible but if you find something please let me know!
This is great!

For cards with hybrid mana cost like Footlight Fiend, I know they can be found using the Black, Red, and Multicolor filters. Is there a way to search for cards that have hybrid mana cost specifically?

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