Mythic Deck Analysis - Mono Green Company
Competitive Historic 

09 Oct by MTG_Joe

Deep dive into Historic Mono Green Company that got me Mythic multiple months!

3 Ikoria Arena Budget Decks to Get You Started
Arena Standard Standard 

19 Apr by MTG_Joe

3 Arena Budget Decklist that cost 12 M/R Wildcards or Less

Budget Build Series - Rakdos Sacrifice
Arena Standard Standard 

24 Mar by MTG_Joe

Budget build guide for Rakdos Sacrifice - from 10 rares to Top Tier version!

Budget Build Series - Mono Black Devotion
Arena Standard Standard 

18 Jan by MTG_Joe

Exploring 3 varied budget builds for Mono Black Devotion in Theros Standard

Non-Oko Standard Decks
Arena Standard Standard 

09 Nov by MTG_Joe

Exploring some non-Oko decks in Standard - Tokens, combo and budget decks!

Arena Budget Build Series - Esper Stax
Arena Standard Standard 

19 Oct by MTG_Joe

A guide for 3 budget variants on how to build Esper Stax

Arena Budget Build Series - Golos Field
Arena Standard Standard 

03 Oct by MTG_Joe

A strategy build guide & gameplay demo for 3 budget variants of Golos FIeld

Arena Budget Decks for Throne of Eldraine
Arena Standard Standard 

30 Sep by MTG_Joe

Sharing a couple Arena budget lists for Throne of Eldraine Standard

Play Standard 2020 MTGA Event Decklists
Decklists MTGA Events 

08 Sep by MTG_Joe

Sharing 20+ Rotation Proof Decklists which can all be played for the upcoming Play Standard 2020 event on Arena

Exploring Off-Meta Decks
Arena Standard Standard 

16 Aug by MTG_Joe

Exploring some fun Tier 2-2.5 decks like Simic Leyline Ramp, UW Blink, BW Knights and Rakdos Control

Rotation Proof Decks Pt 3
Arena Standard Standard 

09 Aug by MTG_Joe

Exploring some potential decks/archetypes which contain cards surviving this upcoming rotation. We look at MonoB Midrange, 5C Golos Gates, GW Tokens and Esper Tempo/Hero

Fun Brews for Ixalan Treasures Event
Decklists MTGA Events 

04 Aug by MTG_Joe

Exploring some fun brews for Ixalan Constructed Event with Dimir Artifacts, Simic Hydras and Mirror March Elementals.

Rotation Proof Decks - Pt. 2
Arena Standard Standard 

02 Aug by MTG_Joe

Exploring some potential decks/archetypes which contain cards surviving this upcoming rotation. We look at Simic Ramp, Rakdos Artistocrats and more.

Standard Rotation Proof Decks - Pt.1
Arena Standard Standard 

25 Jul by MTG_Joe

With Standard Rotation quickly approaching, I take a look at some potential decks/archetypes of the new Standard Format. All the decks contain cards that will not be rotating in the Fall.

Budget Build Series - Simic & Sultai Flash
Arena Standard Deck 

22 Jul by MTG_Joe

Budget Build Series - I walk you through 3 budget variants of a themed deck, starting with only C & U cards and lead towards a fully tuned Tier Deck. Gameplay videos and tutorials provided as well!



I am a part time content creator on YouTube playing everything from budget brews to Tier 1 lists. I enjoy focusing on build guides and explaining strategy through my videos to help our newer and returning players. I am also very engaged in the Arena Subreddit community, also happy to chat MTG.

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