Arena Standard - Virtue of Urabrask | Boros Spellslinger

4 41
16 21 0 23
Aggro Midrange
Main 60 cards (17 distinct)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (21)
Creature (16)
Land (23)

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Today we are seeing if we are trying out Virtue of Courageimage in boros colors. We are splashing white for the new Heartflame Duelistimage which is a nice addition to this deck as it functions as both a creature on the board that empowers our burn spells and a burn spell which is important for when we need to send that last bit of damage to face or need exile more cards off our Virtue of Courageimage. Additionally, we are splashing white for Restless Bivouacimage a nice duel colored creature land for when we need to finish off our opponent who just swept the board. Kessig Flamebreatherimage functions similarly to Urabrask // The Great Workimage in this deck empowering our spells to do even more damage as we keep casting them.

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Last Updated: 16 Sep 2023
Created: 15 Sep 2023
76 21 0

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