Arena Standard - Tyvar's Crawler

14 10 2 17
28 3 6 24
Midrange Combo
Main 61 cards (19 distinct)
Creature (28)
Planeswalker (6)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (3)
Land (24)

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Today we are self milling with Tyvar to assemble a combo in our graveyard. The backup plan is generate a ton of mana with Deathbloom Ritualistimage tapping and untapping with Tyvar, Jubilant Brawlerimage and casting a massive Light Up the Nightimage at our opponents face. The combo in the deck uses Patchwork Crawlerimage, Deathbloom Ritualistimage, and Depth Charge Colossusimage to generate infinite mana as the Crawler picks up activated abilities of creatures exiled with it. So Deathbloom Ritualistimage allows the Crawler to tap for a bunch of mana and the Depth Charge Colossusimage allows it to untap for 3 mana. With combo assembled we have infinite colored mana and with Hypnotic Grifterimage we can go through our library to find Light Up the Nightimage if we don't already have it a available in hand or in our graveyard with Dryad's Revivalimage. Lastly, we can also just beatdown our opponent with a massive Urborg Lhurgoyfimage. Jace, the Perfected Mindimage is a fun card that can enable all this by milling our self for a bunch.

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Last Updated: 24 Mar 2023
Created: 23 Mar 2023
172 38 0

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