Arena Standard - Reconstruct The Mite-e-fact

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Reconstruct The Mite-e-fact

The white artifacts are alive! I wanted to make these cards matter because they have feeling too...
image image

I have a place in my heart for these bad cards. They are not great and do not get any love or respect... "No respect I tell you!"

The idea is to get some value out of the mites by having them get big and make your other better artifacts big as well. You want to get out early with some creatures, especially either the Mandible Justiciarimage or Patchwork Automatonimage. The Patchwork with its ward can avoid early removal. The Mandible will get you life and since most of your cards are artifacts it will get big just by playing out your cards. 

Value Cards:

  • Veil of Assimilationimage - this will give vigalence and +1/+1 every time an artifact enters the board to any creature. 
  • Infested Fleshcutterimage - buff the Mandibles or mites and get another mite that triggers the Mandibles and Veil. 
  • Skrelv's Hiveimage - makes an artifact every turn in the form of a mite, if you can corrupt the oppenent turns into a source of life gain.
  • Tocasia's Welcomeimage - all but one of the creatures in the deck are 3 mana or less so you can do a lot of drawing. 
  • Elesh Norn, Mother of Machinesimage - Doubles the Veil Triggers, Doubles the Mandible Triggers, stops the oppents ETB's

The Removal Spells: 

The Bomb Card: 

Kayla's Reconstructionimage - this card often times just put into play very quickly so much needed relief while triggering the veils. 

Synergy Helpers

  • Jawbone Duelistimage - The double strike toxic helps get corruption and is really deadly once a veil can start pumping it. 
  • Liberator, Urza's Battlethopterimage - flier that can grow, and allow you to put artifact creatures into play at flash speed allowing for combat trick plays with the veil buffs. 
  • Incisor Gliderimage - early blocker that pumps your force once opponent is corrupted, and triggers artifact ETB effects. 

There is something that is just beautiful when you get a couple of Veils down and a Mandible in play and then cast a Charge the Mites and watch that mandible become 8/9 life linker. Then if something armed with Infested Fleshcutterimage attacks as well, it will get another +1/+1. You get all that life back in one swing. So nice. Then if Elesh Norn, Mother of Machinesimage is on the field, wow all those triggers double. I dont own any but a few good cards that could make the deck: 

If you would like to see how the deck playes out you need to check out Rumpley MTG play the deck then alter it to his own tastes. Rumpley is an awesome YouTube content creator that will give your decks a spin then give you great feedback and ideas on how to tailor them to your needs for latter glory. 

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Last Updated: 19 Mar 2023
Created: 16 Mar 2023
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