Arena Standard - Orzhov Token Flood

36 15
19 15 2 24
Main 60 cards (17 distinct)
Creature (19)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (15)
Planeswalker (2)
Land (24)

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Deck is still WIP. This is my Orzhov token flood the board deck with some new cards from ONE!

Goal is the survive early aggro and then turn 4-7 carry out some dirty combos. There are a bunch of wincons in this deck, probably trying to do too much at the moment and I will refine down to what I find to be the best wincons. Examples of some combos:

  • Skrelv + Adeline - Can use Skrelvs ability to prevent Adeline from being blocked by enemy creatures. If you have a bunch of tokens on board, that can be a guarenteed massive blow to the enemies face.
    • Can combo with Ria as well to generate a massive number of mite tokens in a single turn!
  • Elas + token generation / connon fodder - With Elas, you dont even need to hit the opponents face with your tokens to win the game. You can guarentee the damage when the opponent blocks them.
  • Mondrak - Combos with so many things in the deck. Hive, wedding announcement, adeline, ria, even crawling chorus.
  • Kaya - Her +1 can be a form of pseudo board clear if you have a bunch of mite tokens from some of the other combos. If opponent doesnt block, they die to poison, so have to sac their creatures. If she can get to her ultimate, combos with Mondrak!
  • Welcoming Vampire - Very consistent card draw, any token will draw you a card with her. Can combo with Ria if opponent doesnt have flying / reach.

Farewell is the bane to your existance. If one is played, its probably GG unless you had some major card advantage from your welcoming vampires.

Update 2/10 - Removed 2x Crawling Chorus - Added 1x Skrelv, Defector Mite & 1x Skrelv's Hive

  • Skrelv's combo with Adeline is SO strong, its worth having him take 3 spots. I might decide its even worth 4. Hes the scariest little 1/1 in the game as well, so you can use him to bait out opponents removal to make sure theyre not used on your bigger bodies.
  • The more I've played the deck, the more I've realized that the Hives get so much better the more you have on the board concurrently. Thus, I decided to bump them to x4. Makes your Adeline a beast, you can sac a mite every round for Adeline to gen her tokens, if you have a mondrak on the board you're up material and Adeline's tokens can block (unless opponent has 3 blockers).

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Last Updated: 10 Feb 2023
Created: 08 Feb 2023
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